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Comparison PartyPoker vs. Bwin

The big PartyPoker vs. Bwin Comparison

PartyPoker is the oldest online poker site in the world and Bwin the largest sports betting site in the world.  As you may know, Bwin merged with PartyPoker many years ago. Despite the merger they offer very different gaming experiences, and we compared the two sites to find out which offers the best poker room.

Both sites are very serious and are among the largest in the market. Nevertheless, there are advantages and disadvantages and just because a poker room belongs to the same network does not necessarily mean that everything is identical.

The player pool

Since their merger, the players and offers at tables and tournaments are absolutely identical. However, there is a small exception: Bwin offers special premium cash game tables, which are only available for bwin players. These tables have a lot of fish so this is a definite plus for Bwin.

Current standing Bwin: 1 PartyPoker: 0


Both sites use the same software, so not much difference here!


As far as the rakeback offer is concerned, both sites are almost the same, offering up to 40% weekly rakeback, which is automatically paid out to the player’s account every Monday. So far so good, but the calculations for how much rakeback is paid, are a bit different. At PartyPoker a player only receives rakeback if they generate at least $25 in rake/fees in a week, while at Bwin a player needs to generate just $2.50 in rake.

If we look at the highest level, we notice that at PartyPoker you need to generate $600 rake/fees a week to receive 40% rakeback and at Bwin it is $1200. In addition, PartyPoker offers the VIP Diamond status, which is given to players who generate $120,000 rake/fees a year and this status brings 50% rakeback. And for the super high rollers who genrate even 200.000$ rake/fees a year there exist the VIP Elite Diamond Club what gives players up to 60% Rakeback. Since this status can only be achieved for absolute high rollers, we won’t count this status in our comparison.

But what still plays a crucial role in the assessment of the rakeback are the reload bonuses which are often offered at Bwin. These bonuses are not super big but they have nice value which translates to extra rakeback. In addition,

Conclusion: Both sites have their advantages and both get 1 point.

Current standing Bwin: 2 PartyPoker: 1


Party Poker

Any new player who makes a minimum deposit of $10 will receive $20 in form of Spins tickets and for a deposit of minimum 20$ even 30$. Additional YourPokerDream Players will receive an First Deposit Bonus 100% up to 500$.

Players also have the possibility to complete different missions to get some extra cash. And as well PartyPoker offer all players every month some additional promotions.


Although there is no extra cash bonus for new players, Bwin offers all new players a first deposit bonus of 100% up to a maximum of €100. There are also numerous extra promotions for cash game and sit & go players where you can fulfill different missions every week to increase your bankroll.

In addition, Bwin offers the opportunity through the collected points to buy tournament tickets in the Bwin Inside Shop.

Conclusion: The point here goes clearly to PartyPoker because of the higher First Deposit Bonus and the 20-30$ Spins Tickets

Current standing: Bwin: 2 PartyPoker: 2

First Deposit Bonus

There is not much to think about here. PartyPoker offers officially no First Deposit Bonus anymore and only 20-30$ SPINS Tickets. Bwin offers all new players 25$ Free Poker Money plus 100% up to 500$ Deposit Bonus. So there is not much to think, it is a clear point for Bwin.

Current standing Bwin: 3 PartyPoker: 2

Retag existing player accounts

Here both sites are identical because they form a single company. With both poker sites it is possible under certain conditions to retag your player account to YourPokerDream, or to open a new player account, you can enjoy our many exclusive promotions and receive extra rakeback.

Please contact our support team that we can give you more information and check if we can help you with your old existing player account.

Skype: vip-yourpokerdream
Email: vip@yourpokerdream

Current standing Bwin: 4 PartyPoker:3

General Conclusion

Both providers are great, but despite all of the hype about PartyPoker,  a detailed analysis shows that Bwin is clearly ahead of the pack right now.

Clearly the software is identical and tournament offerings and players are the same. In the rakeback program, there is room for debate as it depends on how much rake/fees a player generates, but apart from that, Bwin is the winner and wins this showdown 4:3!

But let’s be real, both sites are a fantastic choice!

30$ SPINS Tickets/Up to 65% Rakeback

500$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

Terms and Conditions apply. This offer is only for new customers who are at least 18 years old. If you need some help with yor gambling pattern and if you feel that something goes wrong, please visit

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