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Millions PartyPokerBig Battle between PokerStars and PartyPoker

Can the $ 20 million partypoker 2018 tournament even outshine the WCOOP Main Event? Which tournament the player will like more in 2018?

Partypoker has undoubtedly had an outstanding year. With the Powerfest and the online MILLIONS you could once again establish yourself as a big player when it comes to big tournaments at the virtual tables. But also in the live area, the traditional provider was able to shine, so that one can say that partypoker 2017 has offered the best value in live tournaments with a high buy-in.

However, PokerStars seemed to be playing the ultimate trump card in return for announcing a $ 25,000 high roller with a grand prize of $ 1 million added and at least 300 freeroll qualifiers. How could partypoker still counter? Obviously by announcing an online tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $ 20 million, for which numerous players will qualify for free.

pokerstars normalThe biggest online tournament in history

It would not only be the biggest online tournament in history so far (the current record holds the WCOOP Main Event 2010 with a prize pool of $ 12,215,000 and a grand prize of $ 2.278.000), it would also rank 20th Take on the biggest poker tournaments ever and be bigger than any previous PokerStars event, live or online.

Most probably around 1,000 participants will participate in the Players Championship 2019, PokerStars could beat the record again, but partypoker 2018 undoubtedly brings us a milestone in online poker history. Just as PokerStars will contribute nearly $ 9 million to its event, we expect Partypoker to miss the Guaranteed Guarantee and take on millions of dollars in the prize pool itself to launch a tournament that will dethrone the WCOOP Main Event to date is considered the main event of the online scene.

Once again it shows that competition can have an invigorating effect. Partypoker first established a live tour that was arguably the most attractive one for players this year. As a result, PokerStars responded with a tournament with an added $ 9 million prize pool. partypoker is now answering with a $ 20 million guarantee, so we’re looking forward to a more exciting year in 2018 and wondering what’s coming out of PokerStars.

Which tournament will inspire the poker scene the most?

It will be interesting to see for which tournament the players will be more enthusiastic, as the answer to this question is not obvious. Partypoker’s event will be an absolute highlight in online poker history and has the potential to produce the largest overlay ever at the virtual tables. The PokerStars event will provide a unique experience in a fabulous location that can be ranked near the WSOP Main Event in terms of prestige.

In both cases the qualification possibilities are an interesting aspect. PokerStars will send the winners of its highlight tournaments to the Caribbean and randomly award numerous packages on all-in shootouts. Partypoker, on the other hand, seems to be handing out most of the tickets for the record tournament to the finalists of its online MTT leaderboards and final table participants at major live events. This also reflects the current direction of both rooms: PokerStars is more inclined to variable premiums and a focus on recreational players, while partypoker rewards skill and game volume more traditionally. One can assume that the PokerStars event will be “softer” and the partypoker tournament “fairer”, which has its advantages for a variety of reasons.

For the community, it is now, not to put one side or the other, just to show loyalty. It sounds like a cliché, but the real winner of the “conflict” between the two heavyweights will be the entire poker community. Try to qualify for both events and then sit back to see which room will be the next one.

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