Playing poker and understanding it are two different things

Over the years, we have observed that numerous players play at the virtual tables, but are by no means winning players and have not understood how the game works. Interestingly, most people think they can do well when playing poker games, but in reality, there do not understand the rudiments of the game.

When you ask these players what they can show and why they think they are good players, very interesting statements often come up.

Some of such statements are the following:

  • I’m always unlucky and everything is cheating and not fair
  • Because I have been playing for many years and have already won XY in a live tournament
  • We often play in a private round and everyone respects me
  • I recently reached 10 times the money in 10 tournaments
  • I have a good gut feeling

Of course, these answers are great, but even novices, at some point, win games. Poker will always be a game of chance in the short term. Even if someone plays 100 tournaments just to put a number in the room, there is still so much variance in it that it doesn’t really say anything about a player’s skill level.

Online poker is about volume. The more tournaments you play or hands in the cash game, the more meaningful your results. We are talking about a minimum of 1,000-2,000 tournaments or at least 50,000 cash game hands. From there, you can see a trend and a strategically correct game prevails.

There are reasons why certain players have long term success

Making a living playing poker is hard work and it is not enough to know the rules of poker and a few simple basics. It is good playing poker for a bit of fun, maybe in a private round, on the small micro limits, or just to gamble, that’s enough. But it is highly necessary to assert yourself in the long term to leave the tables as a winner.

Professional poker players play an average of 30-40 hours a week or more. It can, therefore, be compared to a normal full-time job. And it’s not just about playing. It is also about theory, analyzing and adapting your own games, finding mistakes, bankroll management, mindset, understanding of the game, probabilities, and many more.

So how can a player who has read a few basics and with the background that he has been playing poker for 10 years see himself as a good player?

The fish always hits, etc., always the river and other such statements. They don’t even notice that some of these players also belong to the fish category.

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