Adam Lulat

In March Adam Lulat won the Grosvenor U.K. Poker Tour Manchester for £ 68,930 (~ $ 95,000), beating 241 entries. This was his biggest win in his career, having previously won $ 17,000 in cash.

While this could have been a good springboard for Lulat to major events in his poker efforts or just a big coup that allowed him to enjoy life a little more, it went instead to the British government. That was because Lulat was sentenced to 40 million pounds in money laundering. While he was in prision, he paid back only £ 1 because he had no more money, according to The Lancashire Post.

Swiss Post reported that Lulat, a native of Preston, was convicted in 2015 as a member of a scam ring. Six people were detained for a total of 25 years and 10 months. They were also ordered to repay £ 590,000 for the crimes that took place between September 2010 and November 2011.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs pursued the group and arrested them at the end.

After Lulat came out of the prision, he started playing poker again, playing in local tournaments like GUKPT and PokerStars U.K. and Ireland Poker Tour and reached there the money places. The government must have paid attention to its activities and so they knew very fast about his big win.

The HMRC tracked him and confiscated his winnings and a few thousands which he had in a personal bank account.

“Lulat thought he made it to this tournament, but in the end we had a better hand,” said a HMRC official. “We will not let taxpayers like Lulat get their profits until they repay what they stole from the taxpayer, and HMRC will relentlessly prosecute criminals for their illicit profits.”

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