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Impressive poker possibilities you did not know before!

Aces – your dream pair! But what is your chances to get dealt them?
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Every third flop a paired hand is hited by unpaired one!

We can learn this lesson from the Phil “The Unabomber” Laak’s experience. Remember this fact and use it in your game.


Your chance to get dream pair of aces is less than 1%!

For sure, you had mentioned before, that it is rare to see AA at the poker table. But what is the percentage of opportunity to get them dealt?


You will meet one flush draw per nine flops – this is the reality of suited hands!

Its understandable, that everybody like to get dealt suited hands, because the feasibility to hit your flush is 1%. But what is even more interesting…


You need to pay attention to your flush outs!

It is difficult to hit the flush on the turn or river, but you need remember the statistic…


What is the worst cards against the Aces?

They say that the worst hand in Hold’em is 72. Is that really a true? You can easily answer this question after checking these varieties:


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