PokerStars support is overflowed with mass letters from players

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The recent updates and changes of PokerStars that seem to be positive for players is now a massive discontent. Since PokerStars banned the seating scripts in March, the hype around it is not calming down. The question is whether unscrupulous players have stopped using it?

Regular PokerStars players decided to turn the attention of its leading poker room to a serious problem that was not solved after making several bans. Lots of players sent letters with the claim that recent innovations didn`t solve the problem.

Currently, the PokerStars’ poker room is faced with a big problem to take poker tables for players who do not use sitting scripts software.

All free boxes are blocked and those who don’t use scripts only have the ability to join the queue. No doubts, it takes a lot of time to wait in the queue due to the number of players that would like to join the poker table.

Some of the users of the MagicSeat script still use forbidden programs for table selections. However, poker players request that the poker room should take care of this problem as well as conduct an investigation. The final requirement of the players is a total ban of using sitting scripts.

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