PokerStars continues to draw attention with negative headlines

Once more, PokerStars finds itself in the news for the wrong reasons. First, there’s the news that Antes have recently been added to the NL2 – NL10 Zoom tables, which helps Stars add yet more rake to their coffers by hitting the micro stakes players hard.

However, this step was advertised as a positive change of the poker room, purporting to make virtual tables more exciting and profitable for recreational players. However, this seems to be total nonsense because a recreational player doesn’t care too much – or even pay attention – to such things. It affects only the regulars, who have to pay more rake. Even if it’s small amounts, experienced players know that it makes a significant difference.

By introducing this new update PokerStars have rendered the tables almost unbeatable. It is expected now that their player pool will continue to shrink, with those players who give the matter even a little thought looking for a more profitable poker room. PokerStars still retains the global lead at the top of the pile, but the GGNetwork is already lurking, and who knows what the coming years will bring. The situation for PokerStars has been heating up in the last few years, and it would not be a surprise if Stars finally find themselves being toppled. GGPoker has proved itself to be a worthy pretender to the throne, and continues to enjoy an inexorable move upwards.

Customer Support is getting worse, payouts take longer, and there is still zero percent Rakeback

Many of us still remember the good old days when Support at PokerStars was by far the best, with responses coming within 30-60 minutes, and from professional staff who capable of providing players with quick, reliable support.

Unfortunately, it looks like those days have gone, as more players now report that Stars’ Customer Support takes a long time to answer queries, which is particularly frustrating given the number of players who, for example, cite special concerns regarding their accounts being blocked.

Meanwhile, withdrawals used to be processed within a few minutes, but this is no longer the case.

Additionally, any serious player who would like to make money via  online poker through Rakeback should have nothing to do with PokerStars. There’s simply nothing noteworthy about their Rakeback offering. It is now over two years since PokerStars decided – for whatever reason – to end the entire VIP programme and replace it with the awarding of chests from which emerge rewards. Since that day it has been going downhill in terms of player numbers and, whilst PokerStars remains the market leader, the player base has already decreased enormously, and rightly so.

Apart from good software and acceptable player numbers, PokerStars doesn’t have anything to offer any more and is being effectively kept in place by a well-recognized brand name and past glories.

Poker rooms that have the potential to dethrone PokerStars

As we’ve already mentioned, the strongest rival to PokerStars at the moment is GGPoker. The growth that GG has made in recent years – especially in 2020 thanks to a partnership that saw them host the WSOP online – is impressive and unique. Even PartyPoker, which has also been a high class competitor to PokerStars for many years, has lost sight of GGPoker as the latter surges ahead. There’s no doubt that PartyPoker does a great job, and they are succeeding in improving their product by implementing constant improvements such as their profitable Rakeback programme and achieving transparency and open communication with the poker community. However, currently, GGPoker is far ahead of PartyPoker.

The aforementioned deal with the WSOP being a fantastic endorsement in making GGPoker literally the place to play to win coveted WSPOP bracelets and titles (and big money!), GGPoker was able to reach a new plateau in terms of marketing and publicity and, in turn, the number of players will continue to skyrocket and both draw players from PokerStars as well as attract those who might hitherto have joined Stars.

Another significant factor in determining the respective futures of these poker powerhouses is that it is less and less likely that prospective players will automatically join PokerStars because they believe it to be the only safe haven while others might pose a risk. Nowadays there’s no need to think like this when considering the likes of big names such as GGPoker, PartyPoker, Bwin, Unibet and so on.

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