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PokerStars continues to draw attention with negative headlines

Once more, PokerStars draws attention to itself with its negative headlines. Antes have recently been added to the NL2 – NL10 zoom tables, which hits the micro stakes players hard, and helps Stars to collect more rake in their coffers.

However, this step was advertised as a positive change of poker room designed to make virtual tables more exciting and profitable for recreational players. It sounds like total nonsense because a recreational player doesn’t care and doesn’t pay attention to such things. It only affects the regulars, who have to pay more rakes. Even if we are talking about very small amounts, experienced players know that it brings a big difference to the game.

By introducing this new update, the tables have become almost unbeatable. It is assumed that PokerStars player pool will continue to shrink and every player who thinks a little will look for the way to another and more profitable poker room, which makes sense. PokerStars still takes the lead, but the GGPoker network is already lurking, and who knows what the next few years will bring. The situation with PokerStars is heating up in the last few years and it would not be a surprise if Stars will no longer remain the leading poker room. Even if it might be considered that the world industry leader is untouchable and unbeatable, as it has been remaining for many years, GGPoker is now a real competitor on the move.

Customer Support is getting worse, payouts take longer, and there is still zero percent Rakeback

Many of us still remember the old good days when PokerStars support was by far the best in the market. Support response was within 30-60 minutes, and the poker provider also lacks professional staff that know what they are doing and could provide players with quick support.

Unfortunately, it looks like these days have gone as more players now report that Stars Customer Support takes a long time to answer queries. Many players with special concerns report cases when their accounts have been blocked and they could hardly receive any help from the PokerStars customer support.

Withdrawals used to be processed within a few minutes, which is no longer the case.

Additionally, any poker player who would like to make money on poker through Rakeback should have nothing to do at the biggest world poker room: PokerStars.  There is even nothing to talk about when it comes to Rakeback. It is now over 2 years since PokerStars decided – for whatever reason – to end the entire VIP program and replace it with some ridiculous chests. Since that day, it has been going downhill in terms of player numbers. PokerStars remains as the market leader, but the player base has already decreased enormously and rightly so.

Apart from good software and acceptable player numbers, PokerStars doesn’t have anything to offer anymore. All that is left is its well-recognized big brand name and its past glories.

Poker rooms that have the potential to knock PokerStars off the throne

As already mentioned, the current strongest competitor is GGPoker. The growth that GG has made in recent years is impressive and unique. Even PartyPoker, which is also a top-notch competitor to PokerStars for many years, has lost sight of GGPoker. No doubt, PartyPoker does a great job in their business by implementing constant improvements starting from the profitable Rakeback program, ending with its super transparency game and open communication with the poker community. However, the current number one poker operator is GGPoker and it is far ahead of PartyPoker.

The recently concluded partnership with the WSOP; the hosting of the WSOP Online Circuit series in May 2020, and the upcoming edition of the WSOP Online 2020, where the coveted WSOP bracelets can be won exclusively on GGPoker, will, of course, ensure incredibly good marketing. Nevertheless, the number of players will continue to skyrocket and draw attention to players that don’t know PokerStars yet.

Many players mistakenly think that PokerStars is the only safe and worthy provider while the other poker rooms pose a risk. Sure, this may be the case with small offers, but not with big names like GGPoker, PartyPoker, Bwin, Unibet and so on.

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