Recently Chico Network has announced a launch of a new promotion in an unusual format (for this network). From August 1st to August 30th, 2021, the Chico Network will host the Rakeback Days promotion with a total prize pool of $150,000. In this article, we will discuss all of the necessary details and determine how much rakeback this event can provide for the players. Read on for more information.

Game Bonuses and Tournament Dollars for $5,000 Each Day

Chico Network is known for its monthly promotions that have been running for some time now. The majority of such events consist of different missions with prizes in a form of freeroll tickets, which makes this system quite similar to the one at 888poker. However, this summer, Chico decided to change things up a little bit. For the rest of the summer, a rakeback promotion will take place in the rooms of this network.

The Rakeback Days will take place in the rooms of the Chico Network from August 1 to August 30, 2021 with a total prize pool of $150,000 being split into two daily leaderboards, one for cash and another for tournament players. 

What will the payout structure look like? The system is simple but has two conditions that some regular players may not like.

Now it is time to discuss the payout structure. The overall scheme is pretty straightforward, however, some of its aspects might upset regular players.

  • Prize money is divided each day in proportion to the amount of rake accumulated, but the minimum cash amount is $1 and $0.10 in tournaments.
  • Payouts are made in tournament dollars ($2,000 per day) and in the form of what is known as “Game Bonuses” ($3,000 per day), which are analogous to cash dollars on the GGNetwork. Both types of bonuses received must be used in-game within 7 days of purchase. Otherwise, they simply expire.

It is safe to say that players should not count on a large rakeback percentage, as the rewards of the Rakeback Days events will be distributed every day among a very large number of players. On the other hand, such promotion is very likely to attract many recreational players to the tables, making the overall playing field softer than usual.

It is also important to note that as with any other promotion on this network, it is mandatory to register in the Missions/Contests tab of the client in order to participate in the Rakeback Days.

New Format of Regular Races

A new update focusing on races was launched at the Chico Network. Such changes became a new norm in its rooms, as this is already the third update this year. But there is still a lot of uncertainty on whether they will be held in August. It is likely that they will be suspended for some time due to the high prize poll on Rakeback Days.

This update has separated the Cash race leaderboards by stakes (which was a case in the past). However, now, there are only two of them, with a $1,000 draw every 12 hours in the form of “Game Bonuses”. The SnG race experienced quite an opposite change. Now it will have a unified leaderboard with a total payout of T$500 per day. Spins players are also at an advantage, as they receive 2 points for a $1 rake instead of 1 like usual. HU-SnG is not included in the rankings.

Place SnG Cash (up to and including $1/$2) Cash ($2/$5+)
1 $ 100.00 $105 $135
2 $   75.00 $85                             $100
3 $   65.00 $65 $75
4 $   50.00 $40 $55
5 $   35.00 $30 $35
6-10 $   25.00 $25 $20
11-25 $   10.00 $10

It is fair to say that Chico Network designs their promotions with a primary goal of motivating recreational players to return to the game each and every day to collect their bonus or gamble away the one they have just received. On the other hand, such promotions truly help Chico Network remain one of the most popular networks in the world. As an example, after the rakeback offers were discontinued and many grinders migrate as a result, there was no significant drop in traffic. This was mainly a result of cleverly designed promotions. But will these new events help Chico Network gather large traffic for the upcoming fall season? Only time will tell.

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