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· Published 10.01.2022 · last updated 10.01.2022

The 2021 partypoker MILLIONS Online came to a close after five different Main Event flights and two more days of play. At the end of the festival, Argentina’s Ramiro Petrone emerged as an eventual winner. After defeating his heads-up play rival Juan Domingues, Petrone was awarded the top prize of $859,018. 

Overall, the 2021 partypoker MILLIONS Online was able to gather up 1,041 entries and surpass its $5,000,000 guarantee, creating a total prize pool of $5,205,000. This has become the largest tournament in the history of the poker site. There were just 156 players in total that have managed to get into the money and the lowest payout was $10,653. Moreover, some notable names walked away with a chunk of the prize pool. For example, Michael Addamo came 117th and took home $11,834, Ali Imsirovic finished 69th and was awarded $15,462 and Adrian Mateos walked away with $52,714 for his 10th place finish. There were also quite a few partypoker ambassadors such as Mikita Badziakouski, who has finished 140th and won $10,653, Jamie Staples, who came 137th and won $10,653, and Joni Jouhkimainen, who finished 121st and won $11,211. While these players departed early, there were players such as Yuri Dzivielevski (109th – $11,834), Patrick Leonard (72nd – 13,857), and Matthew Staples (41st – $18,318), who all did slightly better than their peers. 

In the following article, we will give you a brief summary of the 2021 partypoker MILLIONS Online final table, so you can find out how exactly Ramiro Petrone got the top spot. 

Partypoker MILLIONS Online Final Table

Even though Andras Nemeth entered the final table with a nine-figure stack, his journey was short-lived, as he was the first one to leave the table. The Hungarian poker regular moved all-in with his A J and was called shortly after by Ramiro Petrone from the small blind with his pocket tens. Even though Nemeth was able to hit his jack on the flop, Petrone got a straight on the river and earned his first elimination of the day. Andras Nemeth was awarded $69,767 for his ninth-place finish. 

After that, there were back-to-back knockouts. First, Igor Dunsel moved all-in during preflop with A J and was called by Steven van Zadelhoff with A K. Dunsel was unable to get any action with his A J and was awarded $88,327 for his eight-place finish. On the very next hand, Orpen Kisacikoglu lost in a battle against Domingues, whose pair of threes turned out to be stronger. Orpen Kisacikoglu was awarded $111,313 for his seventh-place finish. What’s notable is that Kisacikoglu finished eighth in the last week’s 2021 EPT Online Main Event for $53,763. 

Fabio Luongo was the next player to hit the showers. Luongo went all-in with his A J against his fellow Canadian player, Sebastian Sikorski, and his A Q. Skiroski’s A Q turned out to be a stronger hand and a massive pot of 200 million went to him. Fabio Luongo was awarded $141,031 for his sixth-place finish.

Soon after that Petrone and Sikorski were able to get their second knockouts of the day. First, Ramiro Petrone’s aces held up against the pocket fours of Christopher Brice, who was awarded $182,437 for his fifth-place finish. Next up, Sikorski made it a three-handed play after eliminating Van Zadelhoff and his pair of fives. The Dutch player was awarded $265,987 for his fourth-place finish. Eventually, the three became two after a fierce battle between Dominguez and Sikorski, who had the shorter stack and was unable to beat Dominguez’s queens. Sebastian Sikorski was awarded $406,793 for his third-place finish.

With just two players remaining, the tournament continued as a heads-up play between Ramiro Petrone and Juan Dominguez. The battle was a close one for most of its duration, however, the balance greatly shifted towards Petrone when he rivered a better flush and gained a 4:1 chip lead over his Spanish rival. Just a few hands after that, Petrone would make another flush, while Dominguez flopped a top pair. This would crown Ramiro Petrone as the 2021 partypoker MILLIONS Online winner. Petrone was awarded the top prize of $859,018 for his first-place finish, while Juan Dominguez went home with $591,687 for his runner-up result. This has become the largest payday in Ramiro Petrone’s entire poker career. Nevertheless, Dominguez was quite satisfied with this outcome, as he has won the $25,500 Sunday Million Super HR for $431,319 during the WSOPC Series. 

Here are the full 2021 partypoker MILLIONS Online final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ramiro Petrone Argentina $859,018
2 Juan Dominguez Spain $591,687
3 Sebastian Sikorski Canada $406,793
4 Steven van Zadelhoff Netherlands $265,987
5 Christopher Brice United Kingdom $182,437
6 Fabio Luongo Canada $141,031
7 Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey $111,313
8 Igor Dursel Malta $88,327
9 Andras Nemeth Hungary $69,767

Here is the 2021 partypoker MILLIONS day by day breakdown:

Date Event Entries Progressed Chip leader
Sunday, December 12 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 1a 383 57 Thomas Clack
Sunday, December 19 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 1b 221 33 Andras Nemeth
Sunday, December 26 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 1c 237 36 Jamie O’Connor
Monday, December 27 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 1d 132 20 Aleksandr Shepel
Monday, December 27 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 1 Turbo 68 10 Jonathan Bussieres
Monday, December 27 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 2 156 9 Sebastian Sikorski
Tuesday, December 28 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 3 9 Ramiro Petrone (Winner)
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