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Our business model is based on simple things that are not common in the industry

You may ask yourself why you need to choose YourPokerDream as an affiliate. There are numerous offers on the internet and the competition is fierce. In no case do we want to say that we are the only ones who work seriously and that everyone else is bad.  There are many other affiliates that also do a very good job.

Nevertheless, we believe that we differ from other affiliates in certain ways. First and foremost, we are not doing this for fun and so does every user that registers with us. It’s about benefiting from each other and having a win-win situation.

We strictly don’t cooperate with any dubious provider that doesn’t allow players to deposit and withdraw money by themselves; therefore, requires an intermediary.

Some providers in the poker industry make ensure real money is then converted into play money chips to violate all possible laws and guidelines. Their players have zero security from day 1.  We have had dozens of inquiries from such providers and we could certainly make some money from it, but we say NO THANKS! The safety of our players comes first.

Many people ask us why we no longer promote the iPoker network and here are our answers:

  • Nothing has been done against all of the bots for years. No provider is more contaminated with bots than iPoker. WPN maybe still as honorable as iPoker
  • SBR rake model – very opaque and just stupid
  • Many skins of the iPoker network are simply not professional and, in our eyes, dubious. We have certain expectations for ourselves as an affiliate and also for the service for our players.

We ended our cooperation with Winner Poker a long time ago because of its dubious behaviors. It wasn’t like that before, but after a few changes in its personnel, and everything went downhill. TitanPoker, a subsidiary of WinnerPoker, is a good brand but since both brands are the same, we also halted our operations with them.

Furthermore, CoralPoker recently switched to the PartyPoker network, Ladbrokes will follow Coral shortly. There is not much left in the iPoker network. However, since the Betsson Group will soon switch to iPoker according to the latest information, we will inevitably be promoting iPoker again because we have never had any problems with the Betsson Group and everything is going smoothly. We hope it stays that way after the change.

We can proudly say that our support and service is the best in the market

We are in a business relationship with all players who are part of our community. It is our top priority that everyone is satisfied; that there is always a contact person available in case of any query. Our response is incredibly fast and average by email during normal office hours – a maximum of 1 hour. Usually, it’s for 5-10 minutes. We also offer a live chat on Skype where every player always receives immediate help with all possible questions. Our Support Team is available daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and we are often online much longer. Holidays, Christmas, or public holidays? No problem, even on these days we are online and available to you as a contact person.

Transparency and professionalism

Here we are at a very important point. It’s no secret that this is often the problem in our industry. Here, too, we only get positive feedback from our users. Our articles that you can find on our website are all honest and direct. We think nothing of beautifying anything and telling you how great a certain poker room is, everything is great and only to earn more. There is no such thing with us and you always get honest reporting. Many of our partners don’t like this, but that doesn’t stop us from addressing things the way they are.

Everyone who visits our site has the right to be as well informed as possible about everything and also to learn the things that others hide in the small print or do not mention.

Maximum Rakeback and interesting promotions also for casual gamers and players who are traveling on the lower limits

We believe that players who generate very little turnover/rake should have a decent Rakeback deal and interesting promotions. that’s why we also give players who generate less rake the best possible deals. We can, of course, add something for our high rollers, but our deals for all normal players are more than neat and leave nothing to be desired. We also make every effort to adapt our offer to all types of players so that everyone can benefit from them.

Less is sometimes more

We don’t believe in working with 50 different poker rooms as the competition does. We choose our partners very carefully and transparent, respectful and honest communication is very important to us. Only if we know that everything works as it should and that our players have the best possible service and the best possible gaming experience, is it okay for us to promote this provider. Of course, nobody is perfect and our partners are not 100% perfect either, but the basic structure simply has to be right.

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    And this is why I love you :)

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