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It start to be serious for the WPN Poker Network

While we work with the Winning Poker Network and various providers of this poker network, a honest reporting  and open communication to our community is very important to us. For this reason, we need to inform you that very serious allegations against the network regarding fraud and bots are being made,  so even  2+2 felt forced to stop promoting the network.

The Winning Poker Network, which is the leading network in the US and the most well known Skin Americas Cardroom, faces serious accusations. It is all about different bots and supposed superuser accounts, which should be active for some time. In addition, there was a recent bug in the late registration system for multi-table tournaments that would have allowed fraudsters to reach the same table by simultaneously signing up. This bug has been fixed and in this case it was only a technical problem.

In various forums such as 2 + 2, there have been various threads for quite some time in which players are concerned about the situation. The videos of Joe Ingram summarize the whole thing very well. He also points out some extremely high Winrates for certain players:

2+2 finish the cooperation

After 15 years of cooperation, America’s largest online poker community 2+2 distances itself from the network by stopping all advertising with immediate effect.

Official statement from 2+2

According to many posts on our site, there have been some problems within the winning poker network and we have decided that we have to take care about it.

So, on Saturday, February 24, we wrote an email to network CEO Phil Nagy describing the issues we’ve collected: Late tournament registration (the problem has probably been fixed), bots, potential Superuser and other fraudulent acts. We also made some suggestions on how to deal with these issues.

At this time, March 1, 2018, we have not received an answer yet and have decided to take further steps. Two Plus Two Interactive LLC will stop promoting the Winning Poker Network and closing its sub-forum. Of course, all of this can change if we get positive feedback from the Winning Poker Network and they continue to be interested in partnering with us.

We at YourPokerDream are also shocked that the network has developed in recent years among the leading providers in the world and we never heard anything negative from our players. We have some Winningplayer who play there since a very long time and also easily deposit and cashout money.

We will keep you informed about this matter and what steps the WPN management will take.

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