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Seriousness in online poker is a very sensitive topic

In the past few weeks we’ve received a lot of emails from players asking why we’ve ended our cooperation with 888Poker and Winner Poker. Due to this large number of inquiries, we decided to publish an official statement here and would also like to specifically explain what is important for us as an poker affiliate.

Many affiliates only think about their own commission and where the most money can be made. For the sake of fairness, it should be mentioned that 75% of all poker affiliates work serious and do their best. We at YourPokerDream attach great importance to the fact that we recommend our community only the best online poker sites. If our players are satisfied, then we are as well. We pay attention to the following things with our partners:

  • Rakeback Offer / Promotions
  • Customer service
  • Speed of withdrawals
  • Internal communication with YPD
  • Data transfer for our exclusive Rake Races / Promotions
  • Poker Software/Enough player online

You can be sure that we will test all online poker partners you find on our site regularly and we  take immediate action should we suspect that something is not going as it should. Seriousness in online poker is and will be always our priority.

Winner Poker

winner poker

Winner Poker from the iPoker Network has been a partner of YPD for many years. The cooperation was very successful for many years and there was nothing to complain about. In the middle of last year, there were the first complaints from players regarding delayed payouts and other stuff. Also, there were always delays in terms of the payouts of our commission. Another big problem was the communicating with Winner Poker to solve existing problems. There were no answers to our requests and if they replied then arround 1 week later. Statements were made that were never kept and the whole communication was more than dubious.

As the whole situation became month to month worse in all aspects and due to several inquiries, no one was willing to take care of it, we were forced to end the cooperation and recommend to all players to cash out their balance immediately. It’s sad that we have to say it so clearly, but Winner Poker has developed from a very reputable online poker provider to a provider that can no longer be described as reputable and we could no longer ensure that everything is working properly and serious. Which was probably one of the reasons why even the biggest german poker affiliate ended the cooperation with Winner Poker even before we did.

Info: Until today there are still some players who did not get paid and also we have to receive still some money from Winner Poker.



Surely 888 is a very big name and is still one of the world’s leading companies. You will find many players there, there are a lot of promotions especially for beginners and the money of a player is safe at 888Poker. That sounds good so far, so the question arises why YPD has ended the cooperation so quickly.

The answer is relatively simple. On the one hand, we have detected irregularities in tracking. We have carried out targeted test registrations to see if new registrations are tracked correctly. Unfortunately, this test was negative twice, so that alone destroyed our trust in 888. The support for players is an absolute disaster and you can not find any other describtion that would be more suitable. In addition, various promises were made, which were never kept, so even if 888 is a very big name, we were forced to end the cooperation after only 1.5 months and classify it as dubious.

Apart from that, 888 is not really interested in long-term, serious cooperation with affiliates and offers an affiliate like us no big opportunities. We are aware that many other big affiliates are still working with 888, but they may not even notice that different players are not tracked and close their eyes about the unacceptable customer service for players.

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