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· Published 29.05.2019 · last updated 21.06.2019


Short Deck Holdem/Six Plus Holdem is the new poker trend in Asia

Short Deck Holdem is played like the regular Texas No Limit Holdem, with the big difference that all cards from 2 to 5 are removed from the card deck. This, of course, creates a lot more action as it is much easier to build good hands. That also means that the players have to adapt their way of thinking on the hand values, which is now different from the regular hold’em.

This fact attracts many players from all over the world. Six Plus Hold’em came to us from the high-staked Macau cash tables and was introduced to the public by Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey – two very famous cash game poker pros.

Short Deck Holdem is becoming popular, and it’s currently experiencing a real boom. Short Deck Poker is now also an integral part of the tournament schedule at the WSOP in Las Vegas. Additionally, all US players can play online. The boom just started, and we expect that this new variant will gain more fans shortly.

We’ll show you the sites you can play this variant without problems. Also, we offer all players access to our exclusive promotions that bring you extra cash.

If you are looking for maximum poker action and you want to try something new, don’t lose time. Join the movement!

In case you are not familiar with the rules, take a look to our Six Plus.

Poker Sites who offer Short Deck Holdem for players from US

1.000$ Bonus/US Players Welcome

1.000$ Bonus/US Players Welcome

1.000$ Bonus/US Players Welcome

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