The Situation at GGPoker(Solved)

/The Situation at GGPoker(Solved)

Dear Community,

We want to update you regarding the situation at GGPoker.

Unfortunately, we have had different issues with GGPoker, and a few players have signed up through our sign up links, but they are still not linked to us. In such cases, we do not receive any reports to update our internal promotions/leaderboards, and we also receive no commission.

This situation has remained the same for two months now, and we understand that some of you are very unhappy with the state of things – the same with us too.  GGPoker has promised us that starting from the 1st of August; there will be a new affiliate panel to solve all technical issues. Until today – the 16th of August – nothing has worked, and we are yet to see any information in the new system.

For all affected players, we can only recommend you move to BestPoker or Natural8 because we can assure you that right there your account will be linked immediately to us and we can have easy access to your stats to icnlude you ro our internal promotions.

Our management has decided to wait until the 31st August 2019 to see if all issues regarding all missing players and our commission are solved. If the situation is not resolved, we are maybe forced to terminate the cooperation.  We are in touch with our account manager at GGpoker, and he is doing his best to solve the situation.

We want to apologize for this situation even if it is not up to us. Thanks to him for his effort!For the moment, we recommend that you avoid signing up at GGPoker until all works fine.

Best regards,


Update 21.08.2019

Unfortunately nothing new yet. We still do not see any stats and all missing accounts are not linked to us. Since a few days we also do not see any stats at all. We keep you updated!

Update 22.08.2019

Please guys do not send us any emails or skype messages. We will keep you updated here in this article as soon as we know something new. Thanks for your understanding.

Update 23.08.2019

Unfortunately nothing changed. The statements from GGPoker and the whole situation is more than unprofessional. We can not rely on anything what GGPoker says and we are now on a point where we lost the trust. We had a simular situation in january/february with a lot of problems and we lost many players from BreakoutPoker.

We do not see any stats even for the players which are tracked under us since arround 10 days. No stats in the new system and still a lot of players missing and not tracked, some guys even since june.

Since 10 years we are working in this industry and we know all possible. We have no idea whats going on at GGPoker and to protect us and our players we can only recommend to everybody not to play there any single game and move to BestPoker or Natural8. You will be more happy there and all works very professional and so as it should be. All your accounts will be tracked if you use our sign up link(even if not we can solve it within max 30 minutes) and we will also see your stats. 

All players who move to BestPoker or Natural8 will get a special welcome present from us!

We want to apologize again for this unpleasant situation and especially to the players who are waiting since weeks and even continued to play because we thought that all will be fine and that all missing accounts get retaged and that we will see finally all stats.

As mentioned before our management has decided to wait until 31th august if all is solved and after we decide how all will continue.

To avoid further problems please choose another skin to play!

Update 24.08.2019

We have received the following email:

“Our sincerest apologies in the delay in viewing your player statistics for August in your new affiliate account.

Although our previously projected date they would be uploaded has already passed, we assure you that the revenue data and statistics are completely intact and system is currently monitoring all player activities by the second.

The data should be visible no later by the end of the month.  You may see partial data in your account, as it is being dropped at a “2 days worth of data” per day rate.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.”

It seems finally something is going forward and the first datas are visible in the new system. At least a small hope for all of us that maybe all get fixed until the 31th august and that maybe also all missing players are finally retagged to us.

We will give you a new update next week.

Update 27.08.2019

Still the same situation and nothing new. Also new sign ups are not linked to us or do not appear in the new system. Nobody knows! We again higly recommend not to sign up at GGPoker or play there in the case if you already have an account until we give you green light!

We do not expect thall issues are solved until the friday. Anyway we keep you updated!

Update 02.09.2019

We are happy to inform you that finally all missing accounts are linked to us and appear in the new system and you will earn from now on ypd points for our internal promotions and deals. Our account manager made a good job and because of this reason we continue our cooperation with ggpoker in the hope that all works fine from now on.

Also the tracking for all new sign ups seems to work now so as it should be.

Please be informed that we still did not receive any stats or commission for all the player accounts that were not linked to us in june/july/august. We assure you that we work to solve also this problem so that you and we will receive what we deserve.

Update 20.09.2019

We are happy to inform you that all issues with GGPoker are solved and also our missing commission is paid. Of course we will pay now to all players the missing bonuses from our internal promotions july/august. Some of you left ggpoker and moved to another skin and in this case we will pay you the bonuses by neteller or btc if you wish. Everyone has received an email from us!

If you want to play at ggpoker again then feel free to do it because we can confirm that really all is solved now.

Please note: Because of some technical issues we do not receive the gross rake for all players. Unfortunately we need this datas to update our internal 25k Main Rake Race and  thats why we are forced to exclude all players from our race until we receive a gross rake report from all our players. But dont worry we will offer all players a special deal, that you can enjoy some extra bonuses if you decide to play at ggpoker through YourPokerDream. Please contact our support team for further information.

Thank you everybody for your patience and we are happy that all is solved now!


  1. DanielB
    August 22, 2019 at 12:23 pm

    Yes we hope so too

  2. Doctore
    August 22, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    That sounds not so good. Hopefully the problem will be solved soon. I’m playing on BestPoker right now anyway

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