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· Published 21.05.2019 · last updated 21.04.2022

The flagship of Chico Network offers an extreme action at Six Plus Holdem tables

Online operator Tigergaming, a part of Chico network, announced the launch of the Six Plus Hold’em. This poker variant well-known as Short Deck Poker is a Texas Hold’em based card game. Six Plus Holdem tables are now available on Tigergaming for NL10, NL25, NL50, NL100, NL200, NL500, NL1000, and NL2000 limits.

Despite the fact that most of the rules of these two games are similar, there are three main differences between them. One of them is that in Hold’em 6 plus, they play with a deck of 36 cards instead of the usual 52 after removing cards from 2 to 5. Another difference is in the strength of the combinations due to the smaller number of cards. For example in Hold’em 6 plus, flash beats a full house.

In fact, Six Plus Hold’em is much like traditional Texas Hold’em, but with a few exciting twists, more strong playable hands and more action at the tables. A combination of these factors makes the game more exciting: stronger hands and the possible combinations are greater than the hands played. The probabilities are very close to each other and therefore the luck factor rises, which, of course, attracts many poker fans.

Make sure you know the hands ranking properly because they are rather different from the traditional Hold’em game.

Hand Ranking

6+ holdem hands rank

To play the Six Plus Hold’em, you need to carefully adjust your own strategy. You can find out more information regarding the Six Plus Hold’em strategy in this article: Short Deck Hold’em/ Six Plus Hold’em.

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