Is Online-poker Better Than Live Poker?

Live poker has been around for a long time. The modern era of the game, which began with the “poker boom” in the mid-2000s, was triggered by the introduction of online poker and spawned a generation of players who prefer online poker to live poker games.

There are top six reasons below reflecting the ideas why online poker is better than the live poker:

  • Speed of the game
  • More players and a variety of games
  • Lower stakes
  • Ease of use
  • Hand histories
  • Rakeback

The speed of the game

A typical live full ring poker game offers approximately 25 to 30 hands per hour. It takes much longer to overcome the short-term variance in comparison to the online version.

Cash game players have to spend more hours at the live poker table rather than their online counterparts to get their win rate. Live tournament players may never be able to play enough tournaments to outperform the wide variety of multi-table tournaments (MTTs) available on the internet.

Online poker is significantly faster. A typical online poker game with a maximum of 6 players will usually have more than 90 hands per hour; with the Fast Forward (Zoom) variants there are even significantly more hands.

These numbers refer only to one table. Online poker makes it easy to play several tables simultaneously (multi-table). This means that an experienced player can reach up to hundreds of hands an hour and thousands a day.

More players and a variety of games

In any live poker room, you are limited to the cash game variants that casinos offer, and linked to a poker room’s tournament schedule. Online poker offers everything – including a much larger number of cash games and a wide variety of tournaments running during the day.

Cash game options include Full Ring, 6max, Fast-Fold Poker, while tournaments offer the ability to play turbo structures, rebuy/add-on tournaments on large fields with large guaranteed prize pools or smaller fields.

Online-poker allows us to find games like Spin & Go tournaments that offer a very special kick.

Lower stakes

Even if you play with the lowest stakes available in a live poker room, you still need a much larger overall bankroll rather than to get started with online poker.

Online cash games start at NL2 with blinds at 0.01 / 0.02, while the smallest stakes tournaments (buy-ins under $ 5 and below) take place on almost every poker site. In comparison, the smallest stakes cash games in a live poker room are $ 1 / $ 2 or $ 1 / $ 3, and tournaments under $50 buy-ins are rare.

With the availability of micro stakes, cash stakes, and low stakes tournaments, online poker is a much better place to start with a smaller bankroll and learn the poker game. Even a small first deposit of $100 can keep you in the game and you can play your way up if you stick to the right bankroll management.

Ease of use

Online poker is more flexible and simpler than its live counterpart. All you need to start the full-wrapped poker action is a computer, laptop, or mobile phone.

Online cash games are particularly practical and are also suitable for short sessions. If you would like to play for an hour, take a two-hour break and play for another hour – you can easily do it!

Online tournaments with multiple tables, like their live tournaments, are more of a time commitment. However, if you are looking for MTTs, you have the luxury of choosing the time to start playing because tournaments in the online poker world are available around the clock.

Hand histories (HH)

Many poker sites have banned the use of heads-up displays (HUDs), such as those found at PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager. However, HUDs are still allowed on some websites and provide a powerful tool for tracking an opponent’s tendencies (and your own) that are unrivaled in the live poker world.

Even if no HUDs are allowed, almost all online poker sites record all hands played. You can access these hand histories and analyze, download and upload your hands to Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager to improve your own game.


In live poker, same as in online poker, you pay for a fee/rake while playing at a cash game table or a tournament. However, if you play live in the casino there is nothing back and the paid rake goes to the dealer or the house.

By playing poker online, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to get a Rakeback. This means that you can get back a certain percentage of the fees paid (rake) depending on the activity and the poker room. We at YourPokerDream also offer the highest Rakeback deals on the market that make playing on virtual tables even more profitable.

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