Spain, France, Italy and Portugal have already signed an agreement that will allow online poker providers to form shared liquidity networks, combining the markets of all four countries. Europe’s four main segregated markets will come together for a more competitive offering with greater game selection.

Currently Spain, France, Portugal and Italy allow poker players to play only against others from their own country, but this new deal will chaange all and open the doors for a shared liquidity pool, one to rival the main global .com liquidity. This will ensure more players,more games,bigger tournaments and much more fun.

In a joint statement from their regulators they confirmed the agreement, saying: This agreement will set the basis for cooperation between the signing authorities and will be followed by further necessary steps within each of the jurisdictions involved in order to effectively allow for liquidity poker tables.

Their player pools have been steadily declining in the past years, so this decision is for everybody the best and especially for europe a very good sign, to make the dream come true to have in future maybe all europe players again in one big shared player pool.

For the moment there is no clear date when to expect this new arrangement to roll out, but technical software testing could begin in September. It is realistic to expect the expect the shared player pool by th end of the year 2017 or beginning 2018.

Especially our partner rooms PartyPoker and Bwin and also William Hill will for sure be happy to hear about this agreement and looking forward to this new agreement.

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