· Published 23.02.2022 · last updated 07.04.2022

Dear community,

We continue to receive messages from players who are very upset about the changes to GGPoker, and would therefore like to provide some clarification.

Importantly, we must emphasise that the changes are in no way based on decisions by YPD, rather GGPoker themselves are wholly responsible. As always, the poker room sets guidelines and all affiliates, including YPD, must in turn accept them. Alas, regardless of our thoughts on this or that issue – whether we consider such changes positive or negative, believe that they are complete nonsense or even fully understand them! – they go ahead nonetheless.

Here are the key changes that have caused concern:

1. GGPoker has decided that from now on there will not only be no more rake races, but the promotions and deals aimed at regular players will also end.

Comment from YPD: Of course, this decision isn’t great for us, either, but we have no choice but to accept this negative move. GGPoker has always been more focused on so-called recreational, ‘hobby’ players and, due to certain internal moves at GG, they are now pursuing this goal a more intensively.

Note that this doesn’t at all mean that professionals and more serious, dedicated players are no longer welcome at GG or that it is not a lucrative site at which to play. There is still up to 60% weekly cashback to take advantage of via the Fish Buffet and daily rake races.

Nor is it beyond the realms of possibility that the situation and strategy at GGPoker will change for the better in the future but, for now, at least, it is as it is.

Meanwhile, as some of you may have already noticed, in addition to our weekly $1,000 tournaments, we can also host our popular YPD Masters Leaderboard again from March.

2. Due to a switch to another tool that runs in the background, GGPoker is temporarily unable to display playerstats/rake.

Comment from YPD: To highlight the full implications of this change, the result is that NO AFFILIATE can see key information about their players thanks to this new situation – no nickname, no rake stats… nothing. Consequently, it’s also technically impossible to run a rake race or set up any promotions/deals that require accurate rake details.

Despite some players being so incensed by these almost draconian changes to the landscape, we must nevertheless appreciate that such decisions – however negatively they might impact on so many, and on us at YPD! –  are totally within the rights of GGPoker (and any other online poker room) who are free to make alterations at their discretion. That’s simply the nature of any such business.

Alongside our players, we, too hope that the situation returns to a more player (and affiliate) friendly state in the near future, and that there will once again be more transparency. We sincerely hope that the dedicated and loyal grinders who generate so much rake can in turn be offered the appropriate motivation they deserve.

Thank you for your understanding and, as always, we are available to deal with any questions and concerns you might have about these or any other issues that YPD could help with. We also invite you to discuss with us publicly this and other subjects on our Discord Channel.

Best regards

Your YourPokerDream Team


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