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Living in the past: what it costs for a poker player

Poker players often live in the past It`s not a secret that the poker game came with significant changes during the last ten years. However, the big poker boom is over, and now the poker industry provides many ways for improvement players' games. It`s time to forget about the huge poker banks that were [...]

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Is Poker a sport?

The question of whether poker is a sport splits many experts Over the years, there have been disputes of what poker is. For some, it's a game of strategy and skill; for others, it is a game of chance. Although poker was officially awarded the title of "Thinking" a few years ago by the [...]

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Link an existing poker account withYPD

Often we receive requests from players who would like to participate in our exclusive promotions/races or arrange an exclusive rakeback deal. And there may be good news and depend on the situation and site, we are able to link your existing player account with us. PartyPoker / Bwin: If your existing player account has been [...]

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Poker Cash Game

Join the world of Poker Cash Game Cash Game more exists in different variants and in this article, we want to talk in detail about the various forms of cash game, the limits that are there and also a little about it what makes cash game so famous. There are various Cash Game poker [...]

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Win in online poker

The long-term win in online poker Our beloved card game is about money and everyone wants to be a winner and of course, to win long term while playing online poker. So first of all, it should be said that there is no secret recipe or a special formula for winning. It is possible [...]

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Find your poker room

Choosing the right poker room is the first step to success Online poker rooms exist more than enough in the international poker market. All poker rooms attract with the most diverse offers and have different strategies and markets. Of course there are good rakeback deals on many sites, enough players and pros and cons. [...]

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How to deposit and withdrawal at a online poker site

In this article, we explain all the important questions about deposit and withdrawal at a online poker room. We'll introduce you to a variety of options, including a look at which payment methods are the best and fastest. You can be sure that all open questions are clarified here. If there are still open [...]

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Poker Bot

Poker bots in Online Poker You may have heard of the so-called poker bots in online poker rooms. There are wild rumors that thousands of poker bots operate on every online poker site and make easy money from the casual players. Of course it's possible that here and there you'll encounter a poker bot [...]

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How to become a poker pro?

The hard but lucrative way to become a poker pro Should I become a professional in 2018? Is it possible to live from poker? These are some of the most common questions people hear on online poker forums or somewhere else. Unfortunately, the answers are not always useful because very few people play the [...]

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