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PokerStars – The World’s Largest Poker Room

PokerStars is still the most famous online poker room in the world in 2021 PokerStars is a popular name for every poker player today. PokerStars was founded on September 11, 2001, by Mark Scheinberg and his father Isai Scheinberg, and it is the most famous poker room in the world. PokerStars has a market [...]

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Living in the past: what it costs for a poker player

Poker players often live in the past It`s not a secret that the poker game came with significant changes during the last ten years. However, the big poker boom is over, and now the poker industry provides many ways for improvement players' games. It`s time to forget about the huge poker banks that were [...]

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Is Poker a Sport?

The debate as to whether or not Poker is a Sport rage on... Over the years opinions have differed on the subject of poker being a sport, and the argument continues. On the one hand, some focus on the skill factor (for example), thus suggesting it's a sport, while on the other there are [...]

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Link an existing poker account with YPD

We often receive requests from players who would like to participate in our exclusive promotions/races or arrange an exclusive rakeback deal with us, but who already have an account with one of our partner online poker rooms. If you fall into this category, then depending on the situation and the site, we might well be [...]

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Cash Game Poker 2021

Join the World of Cash Game Poker in 2021 Poker can essentially be split into two distinct categories, namely Cash Games and Tournaments. Players tend to have a definite preference for one or the other, but nowadays it's more common to see people favour cash games, for example, but venture into tournament territory occasionally. [...]

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Online Poker – Be a Winner

Online Poker: Being a long-term winner Our beloved game of poker might be great fun and the source of much entertainment, but the fundamental aim is to win money - whether this is from others at a cash table or in the form of prizes in a tournament. Either way, the ultimate object of [...]

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Finding online poker rooms

Choosing the right poker room is the first step to success There's certainly no shortage of online poker rooms around today! And it's definitely a genuinely international market. Poker rooms are constantly trying to attract (and keep) new customers with an array of diverse offers which form part of active strategies designed to make [...]

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How to Deposit and Withdraw at an online poker site

In this article we will answer the important questions about depositing and withdrawing at an online poker room. We'll introduce you to a variety of options, including a look at which payment methods are the best and fastest. Of course, if you still have questions our Support team is very happy to help and [...]

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Poker Bot

Poker Bots in Online Poker You may have heard of so-called poker bots in online poker rooms. There are wild rumors that thousands of them operate at every online poker site, making easy money from casual players. Of course, it's possible that - however rarely - you might encounter a poker bot at the [...]

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