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Bitcoin rises towards $ 45,000

The soaring of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues unstoppable The US electric car manufacturer Tesla is now also relying on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin on a large scale and is allowing the price to rise further. CEO Elon Musk's company has announced that it has invested $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. Also, payments in Bitcoin will soon [...]

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Poker players catching Bitcoin fever

Cryptocurrency sees over 50% spike in past month Online poker pros normally make a chunk of their profit trapping weaker players with a better hand. Recently though, many players have seen a boost in their profit occurring off the tables – and this time it’s not via a good rakeback deal but instead by [...]

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Neteller changes the guidelines on deposits via Bitcoin (BTC)

Neteller quietly adjusts the guidelines on bitcoins Neteller has adjusted the conditions on the use of Bitcoins for all users. Before now, it was possible to exchange BTC worth several thousand dollars or Euros, but the new limit allows you only to exchange a maximum of €900 per day. However, that’s not the only [...]

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