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Is the Bitcoin Boom over?

Bitcoin loses 25% in one week Anyone who grapples with the subject of cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin (BTC) has not escaped the fact that the price has fallen by almost 30% in the last seven days. Everyone is wondering if the big boom is over and Bitcoin is slowly but surely dying. The Bitcoin [...]

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CoinPoker Stage I ICO starts on January 19th

CoinPoker, a new online poker room using its own cryptocurrency, has just announced the launch of its Stage I Initial Coin Offerings (ICO): At 11:00 on 19 January, the time has come. The ICO issues no less than 137.5 million CHP tokens - the cryptocurrency used to play at the tables. For the start of [...]

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Win every day ETH with CoinPoker

If the crypote currency market continues to grow, as international analysts expect, then the poker games in December at CoinPoker could be a smart decision. The blockchain-based poker site has announced a great new tournament series that could be your best chance to enter the world of crypto currency from home with little to no [...]

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Why all major poker rooms are still careful with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

 Cryptocurrencies like bitcoins are getting stronger Cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoins are becoming more and more prevalent in the financial world. The question arises why none of the major poker rooms except our partner BlackChipPoker, so far accepted crypto currencies. The leading poker rooms of the industry are still holding back, but it is expected that [...]

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Is CoinPoker the future of Online Poker?

Is the future really CoinPoker? A brand new operator called CoinPoker has been launched. However, no  operator like it already exists in hundreds of different ways. Coin Poker is based on a crypto currency, works with chip tokens and uses blockchain technology to tackle unfair gamblers. Everyone who likes to play poker and fans of [...]

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