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MTT Poker Tournaments

Multi Table Poker Tournaments (MTT) 2021 in the internet Multi table tournaments are arguably the most popular type of online poker tournament. Every day you can find various big tournaments with guaranteed prizes on all major online poker sites. Why these tournaments are so popular is easy to explain. Every player has the [...]

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Poker Software and Tools 2021

The best poker software and tools to help you to become a better player Using good quality poker software and tools is an important part of being a successful online player. Many professionals, or those who want to become one, use poker tools to analyze and improve their game. There is a variety of [...]

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No Limit Hold’em: Tips for Beginners

When we’re starting out on the road to poker stardom, the first steps can be intimidating… If you’re new to online poker and need pointing in the right direction, here are a few tips to help get you on your way. Be Patient This is an obvious one, of course. And perhaps a better way [...]

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Poker is a THINKING game

Does poker get enough respect…? One of the year’s biggest TV hits, The Queen’s Gambit, centred around an intense, troubled young woman in 1960s America and her journey from orphan to queen of the chess world. Around the globe chess is now enjoying a bizarre boom. I’m sure it’ll die down as soon as would-be [...]

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Online poker is changing as formats are getting faster and faster

Hold on to your hats! The pace of online poker is quickening up... It's not a secret that online poker has changed a lot in recent years. But it's not just about new formats or strategic aspects, it's more about the speed of the games. It started with a reduction in the number of players [...]

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PokerStars – The World’s Largest Poker Room

PokerStars is still the most famous online poker room in the world in 2021 PokerStars is a popular name for every poker player today. PokerStars was founded on September 11, 2001, by Mark Scheinberg and his father Isai Scheinberg, and it is the most famous poker room in the world. PokerStars has a market [...]

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USA Poker Rakeback Deals

We Offer the Best Rakeback Deals for U.S. Players Do you know that poker sites earn their money from rakes and fees when poker players play online? Depending on the type of limit you play and how much, you will still be affected by the high fees incurred. Players who play on higher limits [...]

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The Fascinating Life of a Poker Pro

The Life of a Real Poker Pro The idea of being a professional poker player can be so appealing that we don't have to even know how to play to wonder... it seems like the dream occupation - calling it an actual job seems almost too serious a word as most people would expect [...]

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Sunday PokerStars Million Event

The PokerStars Sunday Million event is a well-known tournament in the poker industry today; it’s celebrating its 13th anniversary on the 14th of April. On this special day, the event invests a whooping sum of $10 million and $1 million reserved for the winner of the event. The First Sunday Million Event The first [...]

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