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Online Poker: Pre-Poker Tilt

We often read about ways to cope with Tilt, but it’s also prudent to acquaint ourselves in advance with what causes it in order to deal with the triggers when they appear. The more we consider the issue of tilt, and what factors are more likely to bring it about, the less likely we are to experience [...]

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Observing Poker Chat

The Chat facility in online poker is an interesting animal Some players make a point of never even bothering with it, which is perfectly logical as it’s so easy to be too distracted. In fact, I’d recommend that new and inexperienced players who might be prone to spending too much time reading the Chat simply [...]

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Poker & Superstition

Superstition has also become a habit for many poker players People have held superstitions since time began and, while we tend to put less and less stock in them as societies continue to evolve, we’ve still managed to keep them going. One such worldwide example is the ‘knock on wood’ or ‘touch wood’ superstition [...]

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Music and Poker: Play on…

The influence of music while playing poker They say that music has the power to unite people, so how might Baroque legend Vivaldi’s Four Seasons connect so many of us? The answer is that in hotels, shopping malls, department stores, hospitals, waiting rooms and countless other places, this timeless hit from 1723 has been [...]

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Mental Mindset: How To Keep Focused During The Poker Tournament

The ability to concentrate for extended periods of time is one of the most vital skills for a poker player, especially when it comes to poker tournaments. Being focused during your sessions will increase your win-rate, and it is beneficial over your opponents even if they are poker pros. Giving the game your full [...]

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