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The WSOP is the short version of World Series of Poker and the most important event in the world in Las Vegas. Everybody wants to win one bracelet and include himself to the WSOP Winner list.

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Weak means weak and is therefore used in poker jargon everywhere, where you want to express that something is weak. This can be a draw, a hand, a player, a turn, etc. A player is e.g. weak, if he plays either generally bad or if he plays just not that good. [...]

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You get a walk when all opponents fold to you and the hand is over, so you win it without further resistance. In games with blinds as forced bets, the player who has paid the big blind gets a walk when all other players give up their cards in the first round of betting [...]

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Probability theory describes the possible deviations from the expected normal distribution of a random value as its variance. The variance of a random value is, so to speak, a measure of how far a value can deviate in the short term from the long-term expected result or mean. Translated to poker, which contains a [...]

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Value is poker jargon for the profit you expect from a hand or action. However, the word is used in a more diffuse and unspecific sense when it refers to equity or pure winnings, so that we say that there is value in a hand or situation.

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Upswing is the phase or period in which a player is very lucky. He often hit good cards and good game situations, so he can accumulate above-average profits during this time. He has a lucky streak. The opposite to the upswing is the downswing, the bad luck.

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As an unknown one calls an opponent, if someone wants to express that he has not played against a specific player not many hands yet. In this case the player is unknown.

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In simple reading, the underdog is the player in a game situation in poker who holds the worse cards. From the probabilities of profit he is in the given situation the underdog. [pn_links

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Under the Gun

Under the Gun (UTG) refers to the player positions that are directly to the left of the blinds in games with blinds as compulsory bets and who must act very early in all betting rounds and therefore an immense position disadvantage compared to the own other players.

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Two Pair

A two pair is a poker hand that contains two different pairs.

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