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Is Online Poker still profitable 2020?

Play Profitable Online Poker in 2020 It's 2019 and online poker has continued to evolve. There are any online poker schools for all kind of variants. They give free bankrolls away, coach and try to train winning players. There are numerous free articles on the net accessible to everyone to help player to improve their [...]

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Will Russia Cut Off From The International Player Pool?

The Russian government plans to launch its own Internet Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to separate Russia from the World Wide Web (www). This was according to a report from the Russian news agency TASS on Wednesday. The news highlighted:  "Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law to ensure the stable operation of the [...]

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Poker Industry: 5 Things to Expect in 2020

The poker industry in 2020 Poker has become a prominent game across the world today. With more countries legalizing poker in casinos and online, the poker industry is surely on its way to greater heights. Even as the industry reaches a large number of fans across the globe, there is still a lot of [...]

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Mobile Poker Apps 2020

Play with your mobile phone and a poker app in 2020 More people are using mobile poker apps and playing poker on mobile phones or tablets. It is now even more popular than ever in 2020. Gone are the days when you only played on a normal computer or laptop, now you have access [...]

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Nebraska Legislature Introduces New Poker Bill

Online poker bill introduced in Nebraska A new poker bill that would legalize sports betting, daily fantasy sports and online poker was recently introduced into the Nebraska legislature. A Democrat from Omaha, Sen. Justin Wayne presented LB 990, also known as the game of skill act. The new bill categorized these: Sports betting, daily fantasy [...]

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UK Bans Gambling On Credit Cards

UK Bans Gambling on credit cards to curb problem gambling The UK Gambling Commission has estimated that around 24 million adults in Britain gamble and 10.5 million do it online. The Gambling Commission members stated that more than 22% of online gamers using credit cards are considered problem gamblers. Gambling Commission chief executed stated: [...]

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partypoker launches a new fastforward mobile version

A new fastforward mobile version is available at partypoker To play online poker via a mobile phone becomes more and more popular and partypoker has launched now the revolutionary new mobile experience for its quickfire ‘fastforward’ cash games, as part of ongoing efforts to deliver a best-in-class experience for all players on mobile. The [...]

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Poker Backing Is Now Available At Partypoker

Make safe bets with partypoker Live Poker backing is an integral part of modern poker. However, the majority of the deals between poker players and backers are fixed only through words. There is no official background and the legal force accordingly. Not everyone considers such agreements secured, especially nowadays, since relevant resonant cases arose [...]

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Felipe Ramos Joins GG Poker

Felipe Ramos has become the latest pro to join GGPoker Felipe Ramos, a top-ranked Brazilian poker player, has become the latest pro to join Asian-based online poker operator GGPoker. Earlier, Ramos used to play at major poker events with the PokerStars stripes, but he joined Daniel Negreanu and Brin Jenny to actively promote GGPoker. [...]

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