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Comparison of online poker networks for 2021

Which online poker networks will be the most popular in 2021? There are many poker networks around today, with each having pros and cons, and some being more suitable for this or that player depending on which type of games people favour. Rakeback, number of active players, promotions and limits are just a few [...]

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25k Compensation Freerolls at the GG Network

The GG Network want to apologize and give away 25.000$ As you might have experienced, recently from June 20th to July 1st, the gg poker network suffered relentless external disruptions in the form of DDoS attacks, and many players were denied the fun of playing poker. The network has successfully fended off the attacks [...]

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Update 25k Main Rake Race+YPD Points for all WPN Player

Dear Community, even after more than 1 month, the WPN network has not managed it yet to handle the technical problems with the data transfer. Unfortunately we still do not receive any data and therefore can not credit YPD points for our 25k Main Rake Race Leaderboard. This affects all our players at BlackChipPoker, Americas [...]

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The Microgaming Network(MPN) changes its decision on hand histories and the using of huds

Microgaming(MPN) changes its decision on HUDs hand histories at least a bit Currently at MPN, players can use either our ‘Classic’ poker client, which is available for Windows only and is being gradually phased out, or the new ‘Prima’ software, available for all devices. The Classic software has hand histories which are compromised – full [...]

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How profitable is All-In or Fold (AoF)?

Is it possible to play the variant All-In or is Fold(AoF) profitable? The All-In or Fold variant is something very special and it is now offered in the gg network. We took a closer look at this variant and also talked to some experienced players who tested this variant for us. The principle in [...]

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GG Network 200.000$ Flush&Cash Promotion July 2019

The action continues with the 200.000$ flush&cash promotion in july The Rush & Cash celebration continues with Flush Rush in July! And as the title suggests, every Flush you make will help you claim a slice of $200,000. There exist daily and monthly leaderboards and they are seperated in high and low. If you [...]

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How profitable is Rush & Cash on the GGNetwork?

Rush & Cash, the Fast Fold Variant on the GGNetwork Once the GG network jumped on the bandwagon by introducing its own Fast Fold variant, namely Rush & Cash, it wasn't going to be a surprise to find them enjoying significant traffic for this very popular format. Let's have a look at what Rush [...]

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Win up to €500 daily in the iPoker network in June 2019

iPoker rewards all players with daily prizes Summer is upon us and June is an ideal opportunity to play in the iPoker network. Not because the weather is so great but because there is an added incentive. Daily missions offer the chance of a wide selection of prizes, including Wild Twister tickets, Age of [...]

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Asian Networks: Real Profit Or Just a New Poker Trend?

If you are playing online poker, you might have noticed that there was an incessant boom around the Asian poker rooms the last time. They abruptly burst into the poker industry and still gaining popularity among both hobby players and poker pros. Let`s take a closer look at the real reasons for this boom [...]

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MTT Schedule GGNetwork

Daily Major Event Name Days Time(UTC+00:00) Buy-in Guarantee Daily Special $55 Mon. ~ Sat. 0:00 $55.00 $10,000 Daily Monster Stack $50 Mon. ~ Sat. 5:00 $50.00 $10,000 Daily Monster Stack $5 Mon. ~ Sat. 5:00 $5.00 $3,000 Daily Special $22 Mon. ~ Sat. 12:00 $22.00 $12,500 Daily Monster Stack $200 Mon. ~ Sat. 13:00 [...]

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