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Short Deck/Six Plus Hold’em

Short Deck/Six Plus Hold'em: Rules & Strategy Short Deck - or Six Plus Hold'em as it is called in the ipoker network - is an exciting new variation of Hold'em played with a deck of 36 cards rather than the usual 52, thus bringing about different hand rankings. It follows [...]

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Razz (Seven Card Stud Low)

Razz which is also referred to as seven card stud low is a poker game where the best Ace to Five low poker hand is the winner pot at showdown. During this game, the players are dealt with seven cards through the course of the hand. Only the best five card low hand possible [...]

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8 Game

8-Game Mix Poker Mixed poker games are becoming popular by the day. This is believed to have taken effect due to the introduction of the $50,000 Championship HORSE event in the World Series. The 8-Game Mix gives one the chance to play a range of poker games similar to HORSE. These poker games are [...]

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Badugi Poker Rules Badugi was first played in Asia and is another type of draw poker. This poker variant is similar in plenty of ways to low-ball since it’s the lowest hand in the game that takes home the pot. This variant is different from most of the popular variants of poker since the [...]

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Tripe Draw 2-7 Lowball

2-7 (Deuces to seven) Poker This deuces to seven triple draw lowball poker is the kind of poker game where the low poker hand will win the pot. This can be simply termed as a form of the lowball. This is a draw game and it means that you will have five cards being dealt [...]

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HORSE Poker Game HORSE is also referred to as a mixed game. This is a game that’s developed from five poker games which are; Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, Stud and Eight or better. How HORSE came to be This is one of the renowned mixed game variants available in the world of casino gaming. [...]

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Texas Hold’em Poker Rules

Texas Hold'em is the world’s most well-known poker variant Televised poker and the worldwide boom it helped create cemented Texas Hold’em as the most popular version of the game, and it remains so today, both in casinos and poker rooms around the globe, and with online poker. Here you will find a detailed overview [...]

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Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

The explanation of the Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo rules Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo is a demanding poker game that will see the best traditional high poker hand and best Ace to five lowball hand split the pot at the showdown. When the game starts, the players will be dealt with seven cards individually through [...]

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Omaha Rules

Omaha: The Rules Poker's Omaha variant is certainly a very entertaining alternative to Texas Hold’em, and much of the popularity it has increasingly enjoyed in recent years - especially regarding online poker - is due to the fact that players receive four hole cards rather than two. This makes for so many more possibilities [...]

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Poker Rules 2021 -Learn the rules-

Explanation of the poker rules 2021 Poker has been one of the worldwide most popular card games in the wild west. Formerly regarded as a pure game for gamblers, today it is considered as a normal social game for young and old. Especially nowadays in the time of the internet, it is possible [...]

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