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How to deal with an upswing in poker

Treat an upswing as a bonus Anyone with a certain level of experience in online poker will have played enough hands (thousands) to know how it feels when everything seems to come together perfectly. It’s Lady Luck and the Poker Gods have all got together for your benefit! You hit every flop, come out on [...]

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Practical Poker Tips

Every little helps, as they say. In poker as in life, it’s good to constantly keep the grey cells active and to look at ways of gradually improving our game. Here are two randomly selected tips that will help you progress in your poker quest… Play with a 4-Colour Deck When online poker rooms [...]

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Sit & Go Strategy: How to Approach the Early Phase

There are numerous reasons why online poker fans should try out Sit & Go games. First, they’re great fun! Second, they’re so convenient – rather than being committed to possibly hours playing a multi-table tournament, we can sit down to play a short session of Sit & Go games and still get plenty of action. [...]

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Suited hole cards: Don’t get too excited!

Maybe it’s just me, but I always find flushes more exciting than straights… Of course, I’m more than happy to see any draw hit, but there’s something about seeing my wished for flush actually appearing that I find more thrilling. I’d guess this is the same for most players. With this in mind, if we [...]

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Bet and win…

If we don’t bet, we won’t win… Poker might well be the most complex of games, and it might take more lifetimes than we have to master, but that doesn’t mean we’re obliged to make things more complicated than they need to be on our quest to improve. So, back to the opening simple fact [...]

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No Limit Cash Games: Playing with a Full Stack

No Limit Cash Games strategy Does size matter in online poker? It’s tempting to say ‘it depends’ – the poker writer’s go-to convenient response to difficult fundamental questions. However, the answer should really be yes. When we have a mountain of chips the world is our oyster. There isn’t an option that is unavailable to [...]

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The Semi-Bluff

The semi-bluff explanation The semi-bluff is a very useful tactic in online poker. However, for inexperienced players, it can also be a confusing concept – as is the concept of bluffing generally. Before discussing the advantages of executing a semi-bluff, we should first understand the distinction to be made between an outright bluff and a [...]

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The difference between a Value Bet and a foolhardy raise

Value betting, whereby we try to add to the pot by betting with a strong hand in order to induce a call from a weaker one, is an important part of poker. Consequently, it’s also an element of the game that leads to less experienced players making mistakes. What often happens is that players tend [...]

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Timing Traps

An interesting aspect of online poker is so-called ‘Timing’ tells When opponents react unusually quickly or take a long time to make a decision, that can often be indicative of the strength of their hand, their game plan, and so on. With this in mind, does it follow that we should be conscious of our [...]

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Never let your guard down in Online Poker

Spoiling an online poker session is surprisingly easy Self-indulgence is a dangerous habit when it comes to online poker. Discipline is key, and deviating from a tried and tested, effective strategy is rarely a good idea unless it’s backed up by enough factors and is part of a logical plan of action. Yet it’s so [...]

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