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Poker as a profession still raises questions among friends

It's possible to play "poker" as a profession, and it has nothing to do with gambling Poker as a profession may sound like a dream and impossible to do, but there are lots of individuals that play the game as a full-time career. However, our society today only describes someone as serious if they [...]

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5 Differences Between Online Poker And Live Poker

Online poker vs. Live poker Social distancing across the globe means many live poker players are trying out online poker for the first time. While both live and online versions use the same underlying set of rules for poker, the games do play out differently in online versus your normal casino or home game. [...]

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5 Vital Differences Between Online Poker And Live Poker

Live poker vs. online poker When playing any poker game or even the No-limit Hold’em, we know that live and online poker makes use of the same set of rules that control the game, although most of the principles and strategy used are more times alike, some main differences can be pointed out between the [...]

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3 Common Poker Mistakes You Need to Avoid

3 common mistakes of online poker players There are no doubts that poker is a game of skill and luck. Most poker players only put their hard-earned money in the pot when they know they had absolute nuts. You need to know that waiting for these nuts is actually a way to go bankrupt and [...]

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How to play poker in the internet?

Playing poker on the internet in 2020 is easier than you think There is probably nothing that you can not play on the internet in the year 2020. There are numerous strategy games, 3D shooters and of course all sorts of card games, and when it comes to card games, poker should not be missed. [...]

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Vital Ways On How to Pick the Right Online Poker Tournament

How to pick up the right online poker tournament Online poker is filled with various tournaments. Despite the present pandemic, you can earn money and play online poker tournaments. In this article, we will take a detailed look at how to pick the right online poker tournament for yourself. Online Poker Tournaments in 2020 Yearly, [...]

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The Freeroll Strategy That Works

How to win freeroll tournaments Have you joined various freerolls and left the table disappointed and with no profit? Are you still trying to figure out how to win our exclusive PartyPoker and BestPoker freerolls available for our members or any other to boost your bankroll? Then you are in the right place. In [...]

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Six Reasons Why Online Poker Is More Profitable Than Live Poker

Is Online-poker Better Than Live Poker? Live poker has been around for a long time. The modern era of the game, which began with the “poker boom” in the mid-2000s, was triggered by the introduction of online poker and spawned a generation of players who prefer online poker to live poker games. There are [...]

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Which online poker sites does a HUD allow?

Playing with a HUD is only possible with a few providers Using a HUD on the virtual poker tables is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Whether tournament poker, Cash Game Texas Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha, that the game changes year after year is no secret. Online Poker strategies that were very [...]

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