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How To Recognize The Tilt

How can "tilt" affect you? The emotional aspect of the poker game is as important as your skills or technique you use while playing. It is quite common for poker players to go on tilt, and the core skill is to recognize and overcome it. First of all, let`s find out what tilt is [...]

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5 Ways On How to Become an Online Poker Professional

We show you how you can become a online poker pro Being an online poker professional requires so much. Many new poker players, at some point, have always wanted to become an online poker professional – it’s normal! Playing an online poker professionally and doing it for a living seems like a perfect job – [...]

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Top Five Best Poker Books Every Ambitious Player Should Study

Every serious poker player should be ahead of the curve and continuously develop his/her skills. However, this is true with both the poker game and any other profession – if you want to be successful, you need to study no matter how old you are. Poker pros have confirmed these assertions in their numerous [...]

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Top 5 Tips For Beginning Cash Players

Five useful advice for beginners Most times, new players are faced with an overload of theories and nuances to master the game of online poker.  The following tips are designed for beginning players who have chosen cash games poker as a professional path.  These tips will make your way to a successful poker carrier [...]

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Why the fish must be lucky sometimes

If bad players would never hit and be lucky sometimes, the poker market would be dead overnight Poker is a game enjoyed by many. Just like other beautiful games such as tennis and golf, poker is competitive and every player stands the chance to make money worth thousands – if not millions. However, a notable [...]

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Mistakes trough your own poker ego

If you want to play poker successfully, you should leave your ego at home. Because your own ego can greatly influence your game and prevent you from playing your A-Game. The goal of poker is to make factual and deliberate decisions that have a positive expectancy and bring you long term money. Special moves [...]

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The right poker strategy

Learn and improve your online poker strategy with YPD Poker is a game of skill that is about the right strategy, but no one doubts about that. So if you want to be successful in poker in the long term, you have to invest some time in theory. It does not matter if you [...]

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ElkY to join team partypoker as .eu ambassador

PartyPoker und ElkY gehen gemeinsame Wege Bertrand Grospellier, better known in the poker world as ElkY, has joined the Party Poker Team. ElkY joins an elite team of ambassadors including Isaac Haxton, Fedor Wood, Sam Trickett, Patrick Leonard and Jason Koon, and will not only help launch, but also open effective communication channels [...]

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Poker HUD

Poker is a very complex game where probabilities and statistics matter. The more information you have about your opponents, the better you can use them for your own benefit and improve your own win rate. In this article we answer the most important questions about Poker HUD. What is a HUD? A [...]

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