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Transparency is a foreign word for Unibet

A simple request that is no problem for any online poker room becomes a problem at Unibet Given the problems we've had in the past with Unibet, nothing should surprise us any more. Unibet and the KindredGroup are certainly well-known names in online gaming, to the point that we would naturally expect total transparency. But, [...]

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Win higher prizes at the Hexapro Jackpot Mania at Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker has taken its popular Hexapro SNGs to the next level with a new promotion called Jackpot Mania! Hexapro are three-tier, lottery-style sit-and-gos where the prize pool is randomly determined between 1.5x and 1,000x the buy-in. One cool aspect of these games is that the higher the price relative to the buy-in, the [...]

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Hexa Pro SNG at Unibet

For any poker player – recreational or pro – there’s nothing like finishing off a long tournament and taking down that huge first-place prize for many, many times your initial buy-in. The thrill of seeing that trophy pop up and your account balance skyrocket makes most players forget all the time they put in [...]

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New Unibet Rakeback programme from April 1st, 2021

Unibet's revamped VIP programme means a lot of rakeback for online poker players After Unibet's software was completely revised at the end of 2020, the time has finally come - on April 1st, 2021 - for a new, revised VIP system to come into force. Unibet has made fantastic progress in recent years, and [...]

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€ 150,000 GTD at the International Poker Open on Unibet

The next tournament series starts today, October 19th, 2020 at Unibet Due to the ongoing CVOID-19 pandemic, another live tournament series is finding its way to the virtual tables at Unibet, with the € 500,000 IPO Main Event as the highlight of the International Poker Open Online 2020. After the Unibet Open Online only [...]

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The winner of the Unibet Open Online is a €50 qualifier

A satellite winner is also causing a stir at the Unibet Open Padraig O'Neill from Ireland qualified via a €50 satellite for the largest tournament to date ever played at Unibet. The player started with € 50, qualified for the € 1,100 main event of the Unibet Open, and won it. Right now, he [...]

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Unibet plans a major software update next week

Unibet wants to please its players with a new software As the Unibet Online Series starts next week, a major software update will be integrated. Unibet will add - in the next update - a completely new interface, an improved mobile version, and the ability for players to forecast the duration of a tournament. [...]

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YourPokerDream Unibet Rake Chase will end in April

Dear community, we would like to inform you that our exclusive Unibet Rake Chase will end in April 2020. We would have liked to let it continue, but Unibet made the decision, so we are unfortunately no longer able to offer this promotion. But even without the rake chase, we still have our VIP [...]

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