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Robert Campbell Wins The 2019 WSOP POY

Robert Campbell Ends Summer by Winning The 2019 WSOP Player of the Year(POY) The last update on the just concluded 2019 WSOP is on the winner of the Player of the Year race. No doubts, it has been an exciting summer and as we all know, Housein Ensan was crowned the winner of the [...]

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2019 WSOP Bracelet Winners

The WSOP 2019 was like every year the biggest hihlight for all poker players This year’s 2019 WSOP was an eventful one, which began May 29 with the $500 Employees Event and it ended yesterday July 16th after crowning the winner of the final event. The 2019 WSOP had 90 Events and not 89. [...]

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WSOP 2019: Bracelet Winners Championship Results

The winner of No-Limit Hold'em Only event became known This year, WSOP prepared many surprises for its participants; one of them is a special bracelet winners-only event. The winner of the event was Shankar Pillai, a professional poker player from New York. However, this is Pillai’s second WSOP bracelet at No-limit-Holdem tables. During the [...]

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WSOP 2019: Two Players Get Disqualified for Misconduct

Two players got disqualified recently from the 2019 World Series of Poker during the first level of the game for bad behavior they portrayed during the event. The two players were disqualified from different rooms, which resulted in their $10,000 buy-in being forfeited. The first disqualification scenario took place at the Brasilia Room. The first [...]

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WSOP 2019 Tournament Bracelet Winners So Far

These are the winners after 72 events at the WSOP 2019 The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is one of the most exciting tournaments in the poker world and this year’s own, which started on May 29th now has a plethora of events in its books. This year’s WSOP began with $500 Employees Event, and [...]

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WSOP First Fifty Honors Gala

Word Series of Poker(WSOP) First Fifty Honors Gala The WSOP First Fifty Honors Gala was a breathtaking event, and it was done in conjunction with the World Series of Poker’s special 50th annual celebration in 2019. This remarkable event also involved giving the award to great poker players that made a great impact and [...]

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