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Terms and Conditions from Yourpokerdream.com (Stand 01.01.2018)

1. The using of our services

1.1. To register on the Platform, the User has to be at least 18-years-old in the jurisdiction of the User. Yourpokerdream.com reserves the right to request proper and satisfactory documents to verify the age and/or identity of the User. Yourpokerdream.com has the right to block the account of the User until the User has provided satisfactory proof of age.
1.2. It is the User’s responsibility to ensure that the laws of the country of the Users residency or location permit the User to register on the Platform.
1.3 By registering on the Platform, the User warrants and represents that he is not a resident of or located in Turkey.
1.4. With the User’s successful and valid registration on the Platform, the User is authorized to use all offers and services of the Platform free of charge.
1.5. Yourpokerdream.com allows every user only one account.

2. Privacy Policy

2.1. Yourpokerdream.com saves IP addresses from all logins to protect against deception.
2.2. All personal data inclusive nicknames at the poker rooms are saved for internal use only and are handled strictly confidential.

3. Log In Details to use our website and services

During the registration every user choose an individual username and password. With these, he can login to our platform every time. The User may not reveal this password to any third party and must keep it safe in order to prevent misuse.

Yourpokerdream.com have the right to change or to request to change the username if there should be a violation of a law or similar.

4. Liability of Yourpokerdream.com

4.1. The liability of Yourpokerream.com for damages caused by the use of the Platform’s services and offers, e.g. by downloading, installing and using software and data files, is limited to intent or gross negligence. It is the responsibility of the User to independently check data for viruses and suchlike.

4.2. Yourpokerdream.com is only agent and has nothing to do with the cashouts and winnings of the poker room. The transaction takes place at the poker room. Yourpokerdream.com give assistance to users who has problems with a partner poker room.

4.3. Our bonus system is based on commission shareholding with our partners. Should Yourpokerdream.com proven do not get the commission from a poker room, Yourpokerdream.com is not liable to pay any bonus payouts from races promotions etc. to the player who plays at this poker room.

5. Copyright

Articles, texts and images are copyrighted by Yourpokerdream.com. Users are allowed to make use of the contents of the Platform only for their own personal use.

6. Promotions

6.1. Yourpokerdream.com reserves the right to cancel or change promotions announced Races without giving a reason.

6.2 We reserve the right to exclude members from using our services and to block the player’s account, there should be legitimate grounds for (fraud, duplicate applications etc). This applies even if a violation of the Terms and Conditions of the respective poker room exists. In such cases YourPokerDream has the right to hold bonuses from rake races/promotions and block the account.

6.3. At every Leaderboard the at the registration choosen username will be shown. Nicknames and usernames of the poker room are strictly confidential and will not made public. In the case that a player do not include his username to his YourPokerDream User Account, our system use automatically the username of the poker room and show it in our leaderboards.

6.4. Prerequisite for participation in our races and promotions is tracking at one of our partner rooms. You will automatically be tracked as soon as you click on the appropriate banner/sign up button of a room on our website, and putting in its associated bonus code when you register. To confirm the tracking, after registration the username and nickname must be submitted to Yourpokerdream.com. Once the tracking was confirmed by Yourpokerdream.com, a player is eligible automatically to all races and promos.

6.5. Yourpokerdream.com receives information on the generated rake/tournament fees of all players directly from the poker rooms. All rake races are 1:1, updated according to the information sent to us. There may be delays in the data transmission. This means that the rake/tournaments fees generated are imported into the system few days later and the Yourpokerdream points and Leaderboards will not be correct until updated correctly. If these are long-term technical difficulties with the transmission of data, then Yourpokerdream.com reserves the right to exclude all players of this poker room off ongoing promotion and in its sole discretion to distribute extra bonuses to these players.

6.6. All cash prices earned in one of our leaderboards cannot be higher than 20% of the generated rake/tournament fees. For example someone generates 100$ of rake/tournament fees, the cash price cannot be higher than 20$. If a player agreed a personal VIP Deal with us and receive a fix percentage of rakeback every month, he will be excluded for our rake races and receive no extra cash price.

6.7. Special VIP Targets are normally paid within 28 business days after reaching the target. YPD reserves the right to pay bigger targets in 2 – 4  payments. Payouts are made via Neteller or directly to the poker account.

6.8. Only players with a tagged poker account at one of our partner rooms are able to participate in our exclusive promotions/tournaments. A tagged account means that a poker account was created over the tracking links/sign up links of YourPokerDream. It is necessary that every player include the username of the poker room to his YourPokerDream account, that YPD can check his registration and make sure if this player accounts is tagged to YourPokerDream. As soon as the registration is confirmed from a poker room, the player get access to all promotions.

6.9. All decisions made by YourPokerDream are final.

Info: A registered User automatically takes part in the newsletter system. The User is able to unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time sending a email to info@yourpokerdream.net

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