10 questions and answers about GGPoker and the GGNetwork

Not surprisingly, with GGPoker enjoying increasing popularity – particularly over the last year or so – we receive a lot of questions about the poker room and network that is a genuine contender to ascend to online poker’s global throne. In this article we answer the 10 most common questions that players ask us at YourPokerDream. Of course, if you have more questions, we’re always at hand and ready to help!

Are there rakeback deals at GGPoker?

Certain flat rakeback deals that might be found at some online poker rooms are prohibited throughout the GGNetwork. Affiliates are also strictly forbidden to offer any fixed deals that guarantee players a certain percentage of rakeback.

Everything runs through the GG in-house cashback programme, which is called the Fish Buffet. Through this, all players have the opportunity to receive up to 60% weekly cashback. Additionally, there is a variety of other promotions, such as the daily rake races which give every player the chance to win a lot of extra cash.

YourPokerDream is also offering an exclusive $ 41,000 GGPoker Rake Race, which is available only to players in our community.

Are players who win permanently banned?

Of course not! Every player is welcome as long as they follow the house rules and play fairly. It doesn’t matter if you lose €200,000 or win €500,000. We have been working with GGPoker for a long time and have a large number of players who enjoy playing at the virtual tables there; this includes some high rollers, and no one has had any problems.

Can I open multiple player accounts?

No! As a player you can have only one player account. We fully understand that many existing players at GGPoker would like to be linked to YPD retrospectively in order to benefit from our exclusive promotions and tournaments, but if you already have an account there is usually nothing we can do.

In exceptional cases we may have the option of linking an existing account with us if it is not associated with an affiliate and was only recently created, but if your account is already a few weeks old we cannot do anything, unfortunately.

Why does GGPoker not always allow retagging an existing account to YourPokerDream?

The answer is relatively simple. The work of an affiliate consists mainly of the acquisition of new customers. GGPoker has no advantage in linking existing player accounts with us as an affiliate – while moving accounts from A to B is good for the player and the affiliate, the poker room itself gains nothing.

Of course, there are exceptions but, as a rule, there are clear guidelines regarding retrospectively linking player accounts.

The aim here is to avoid having players who are always looking for the highest bonuses/promotions/deals jumping around between affiliates and skins. This is not beneficial for either players generally or the network ecology as a whole.

Can I have multiple accounts with different GGNetwork skins?

There is no official rule, but a player should have only one account in the GGNetwork, and not different accounts with multiple skins. So, if you have an account with GGPoker and you’d like to open a further account with another skin of the network, the second account will be closed immediately after opening, and you will be asked to use the account that you first created.

Again, the reasoning is simple. From a business point of view it is against an online poker network’s interests for players to register numerous times with the purpose of helping themselves to multiple promotions and bonuses.

In order to avoid this happening, all skins of the GGNetwork have the same rules. Everyone takes part in the Fish Buffet programme, and there are the same rake races and network promotions, jackpots and so on across all the poker rooms. There are usually differences only in the Welcome Bonus, individual tournaments, payment methods and the countries that are/aren’t accepted.

Can I open a new GG account under a different name and use it to play via YPD?

The same rules apply here as in any other online poker network. A player may use only their own account, and under no circumstances can they play under a different name. Of course, this can be difficult to verify in all cases, but if someone succeeds in  breaking these rules it will result in a network lock.

This happened at Winamax when the 2019 WSOP bracelet winner, Ivan Deyra, was banned for multi-accounting. He probably wouldn’t have noticed had he not won a big event, but even if this rule is broken inadvertently it is no defence, so players have no excuse and should be aware that it is a violation of GG’s Terms and Conditions.

Can you do something about PVI?

No! PVI is an integral part of the GG network and affects all skins, players and affiliates. (Read our article on PVI for our up-to-date overview of the subject). If you want to play at GGPoker, you have to accept PVI.

Is GGPoker the main skin of the network?

Yes, GGPoker is the main skin and owner of the network. Thanks to them having official licenses in various countries that other skins on the network do not have, GGPoker can also accept players from many countries. Note that as far as the network is concerned, players from the U.K. and Germany, for example, can play only at GGPoker.

Can YPD help their players with problems at the GGNetwork?

Of course, we are always here to help, and we try to mediate in case of problems. However, our options are limited and, due to data protection reasons, we obviously do not have access to all information and data.

On matters such as verifying player accounts or increasing limits and so on, this would be something about which players have to discuss directly with GGPoker. If you have other problems you can of course contact us at any time; if you experience problems resolving an issue with GG or if you think that you are being treated unreasonably, then we are always available.

However, please keep in mind that we are not GG Customer Support! We are more than happy to explain promotions and various other matter related to GG, but we have no authority to discuss payouts, promotions, individual accounts and anything else for which we have no insight or information.

Why is Support not answering?

In order to receive an answer as quickly as possible you should write in English, while all contact should be made via your registered email. There is also the possibility to receive live support via Discord, but specific matters and questions must be handled via email.

Remember that, sometimes, communication might simply take a little longer than usual. Allow 24-48 hours for Support to respond. Most of the time it’s very quick.

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