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· Published 10.09.2019 · last updated 10.09.2019


Many players leave PokerStars

The decline in PokerStars player numbers continues, with professional players in particular coming in and out of PokerStars. This has to do with the 0% Rakeback Policy, which has been introduced by PokerStars for a long time. The barrel to overflow brought but the newest change, which pretends that pokerstars players are allowed to play maximum 4 tables at the same time. Of course this is a clear death penalty for players who play many tables at the same time to increase their hourly rate.

According to recent information from, Stars has lost just under 600 cash game players on average within a few days of this change, and it is to be expected that the number of players will continue to decline even further.

Other poker sites are the winners

And where there are losers, there are of course winners. In this case, the GG Poker Network and PartyPoker/Bwin which make up the PartyPoker Network will benefit the most. On the one hand, there are fantastic rakeback deals of up to 65%, as well as being able to play as many tables as you want. Of course, Stars still has the edge in terms of player numbers, but also at other sites are enough action on all limit.

The competition will of course welcome all players who turn their backs on PokerStars and it can be assumed that the numbers of players, especially in the GG network and PartyPoker/Bwin, will easily increase by 10-20% in the near future

Further changes at PokerStars are already planned

And if you want to believe the rumors from the environment of stars more changes are coming soon. The poker product will make further extreme changes that are unlikely to be well received by a large part of the poker community.

We assume that further changes will be effective at the end of 2019.

You are tired of all the changes and want to leave PokerStars?

There are numerous alternatives in which you get a decent rakeback deal and also meet enough players. No matter if you play Texas Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha, spins or MTTs, there is enough choice. We are happy to help you to choose the perfect site to play and offer you a very exclusive rakeback deal. Just get in touch with us.

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