Also in 2020 there is a lot of cash game action

Cash Game Texas No Limit Hold’em is by far the most popular and most played variant in online poker in 2020. Every chip is worth money and you can win or lose a large amount of money within a few minutes or even seconds. Also Pot Limit Omaha become more and more popular.

In cash games, you can find enough opponents on all online poker sites. Most of course on the so-called micro limits where the tables usually start at blinds of 1/2 cent. But even on the higher limits you will find 24/7 sufficient traffic especially on the big poker sites and mostly on the 6max player shorthanded tables. Depending on the poker site you will also find tables with 9 players, but most have been switched to 6max for several years.

As far as the skill of the players is concerned, not much has changed in 2020. On the small limits, it’s full of fish and some half normal regulars. The higher you get the better the players, but even on the high stakes you will find fish and regulars with numerous leaks, so you can play these limits profitably depending on your own skill. Especially at our partner sites BestPoker and Natural8 from the GGPoker Network you will find much fish from Asia on the high stakes.

Even if you find sufficient cash game traffic on all online poker sites, as already mentioned, there are big differences depending on the limit you play.

If you play cash game you should consider the following criteria when choosing the poker room:

  • How good is the traffic on the limit you want to play
  • What is the ratio between fish and regulars?
  • How much rakeback do you get

We at YourPokerDream took the work for you to list the top providers for Poker Cash Game 2020. With the following sites, YourPokerDream will offer you an exclusive rakeback deal to increase your profits and you will have enough traffic and enough fish to reach a solid winrate on all limits.

Even in the poker year 2020, there is still plenty of action and even more money to earn in the cash game. So join the tables and boost your winnings!

Our recommendation: Clearly our partner GGPoker from the gg network.You find there cash game traffic at all limits and many fish. Join the cash game action and enjoy our exclusive promotions and rakeback deals.

Also our partner BestPoker from the iPoker Network is really a good choice.

325$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

500$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

2.000€ Bonus/35% Flat Rakeback+ Rake Chase

600$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal

250$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

200€ Bonus/Up to 65% Rakeback

1.000$ Bonus/Up to 100% Rakeback

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat RB+Rake Chase

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat RB+Rake Chase

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat RB+Rake Chase

1.000$ Bonus/US Players Welcome

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