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We want to make a brief comparison of our partners and highlight five of them positively. As always, we communicate with our community and do not mince words when something is negative or unacceptable to our players. So here are our best partner sites:

Place 1: BestPoker (GG Network)

BestPoker earns first place on our best partner sites; this is the reason why we love to promote it. The site has excellent communication – all credit to its poker manager.

BestPoker’s offer for all types of players is fantastic so also is its exclusive Rakeback deal. Concerning the number of players and cash games, GG network is absolutely top and even before party / Bwin.

Withdrawals are completed within 24 hours, and we have never been told of any problems. Regarding the payout of our promotions and deals, BestPoker is top-notch. Payouts are done on the 3rd of every month on players’ accounts.

The transmission of the stats is also super fast; we can confirm new registrations after a few minutes and easily update the YPD points every 24 hours.

The whole package at BestPoker is easy to use, which sets it apart from other providers.

2.000€ Bonus/35% Flat Rakeback

Place 2: PartyPoker/Bwin

Partypoker/Bwin is one of the biggest and oldest in the scene. It is evident that Partypoker / Bwin is well-behind BestPoker, but it is still an excellent provider. Its communication and quality left a lot to be desired for a long time, which is undoubtedly due to the high number of affiliates.

Partypoker’s offer for players is great; there is enough traffic and also the support has improved a lot over the years. PartyPoker, also referred to as Bwin, belongs to the Rakeback elite. Additionally the exclusive deals and promotions it offers are quite impressive.

When it comes to payouts, there have never been any problems, neither for players nor for us. Unfortunately, the payout dates for us and the extra bonuses of our promotions/deals for our players are very variable, but 95% of the time, payments are made on the 15th of every month to every player’s account.

As far as the delivery of Player Stats is concerned, Party / Bwin lags a bit when compared to other providers, but you can work with it.

600$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

500$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

Place 3: Natural8 (GG Network)

Natural8 can be compared to BestPoker when it comes to players’ offer, as both are part of the GG network. Our BestPoker deal for players is a bit better than Natural8, but the Natural8 deal is still perfect. Its Customer Support system is always available to every one.

Payouts are always handled as quickly as possible, and neither we nor players have had a problem so far. Another advantage is that as a player here, you can use Bitcoin as a payment method. A small downside is that depending on the country of origin, a player might not be able to make payments directly from the cashier. But then, you can always have to contact the support and make the transaction, which is still achievable.

All payments from our promotions/deals are handled quickly, and players have all their cash on the 5th of every month – no later than 10th – on their player account.

The data transmission at Natural8 is a good one because everything is transmitted in real-time and the site is by far the best system from all providers. We can always see all stats immediately and also confirm new registrations.

1.000$ Bonus/80k YPD Rake Race

Place 4: GGPoker ( GG Nework)

As stated earlier, GG Network’s package is identical to BestPoker and Natural8 because it is the same network with the same promos, Rakeback (fish buffet) and player pool.

Some time ago, you would not have believed that GGPoker landed on the 4th place, not because the provider is not the right choice for players, but because a lot was going wrong in the background. However, the changes in personnel and the move to another system have borne fruit, and now things are going well.

The system and the data transmission can not be compared with BestPoker and Natural8, but all data is available within 24hrs max, which is entirely good.

Regarding payouts, GGPoker is also much slower than our other GG partners, but usually, everything is paid up to the 15th, and all bonuses and extra rakeback payments are available on the player accounts.

The communication has dramatically improved due to the changes in staff. When it comes to communication, GG Network can be almost compared to BestPoker. You can discuss all things openly what is very important.

600$ Bonus/YourPokerDream VIP Deal


We have more partners that are not bad choices, but it is essential to note that there are providers with top-notch packages such as the ones listed in this article. Nevertheless, if you choose one of the five poker sites listed here, you will not go wrong.

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