Comparison Rake/Fees of all online poker sites 2020

/Comparison Rake/Fees of all online poker sites 2020

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How much Rake/Fees you pay at each online poker site in 2020

As you may know, all online poker sites earn their money by rake/fees. At each tournament or cash game pot, a small percentage of the pot is withheld from the poker room, which can also be understood as a service fee to use the operators platform.

Even though the rake you pay in the short term looks very little, in the long run it adds up, and that’s exactly why the poker sites do not care who wins, because their winnings are made by the rake and don’t depend on which player wins or loses.

As a normal hobby player you can ignore the aspect of rake/fees completely, but if you play more regularly then you should definitely address this topic as may save you a large sum in the long run. With the help of YourPokerDream, you can receive very exclusive rakeback deals when you create a new player account with one of our partners through our sign up links.

This article is not about rakeback but about how much rake and tournament fees you pay at each poker site/network.

Overview Rake/Fees

Poker Room Texas No Limit Holdem (NLH) Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) Short Deck Holdem (SDH) MTT Sit&Go Spin&Go
PartyPoker ( Party Network) 5% 5% 5% 10% 4-10% 4-8%
Bwin ( Party Network) 5% 5% 5% 10% 4-10% 4-8%
GGPoker ( GG Network) 5% 3% 3% 8% No SNG 7%
BestPoker ( GG Network) 5% 3% 3% 8% No SNG 7%
Natural8 ( GG Network) 5% 3% 3% 8% No SNG 7%
PokerStars 3-5,5% 3,3-4,5% 3,5-5% 10% 4-10% 5-8%
iPoker Network 5% 5% 5% 10% 4-10% 7%
Unibet 1-6% 1-6% No Short Deck Holdem 10% 3-5% 6,80%
Winning Poker (WPN) 5% 5% 5% 10% 5-10% 6%
Chico Network 6% 6% No Short Deck Holdem 10% 5% 2%

Recommendation No Limit Holdem Cash Game and Short Deck Holdem

At the cash games texas holdem tables, the poker rooms are all quite similar- they all generally take 5-6% rake. As a result,  the right rakeback deal plays an increasingly important role in the selection of the poker room.

Our top two cash choices are PartyPoker/Bwin and  our three GG Network skins BestPoker, GGPoker or Natural8. A soft player field and 24/7 action at all limits!

Also Unibet is a good choice for players on the lower limits because of the soft player field and the low rake. Unfortunately, big action is only available on the low and mid-stakes or during peak times if you play at the higher limits.

If you like to play Short Deck Holdem, we definitely would recommend the gg network because the rake is only 3% and you will find there many fish from asia and every month some nice short deck promotions.

Recommendation Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)

Like the cash games, all sites take 5-6% rake at all Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) tables. Only the CAP may vary from one poker room to the next. Three poker sites stand out clearly because the gg network takes only 3% rake at all Pot Limit Omaha Tables.

That’s why our gg partner sites are the perfect poker rooms for PLO players. And not only because of the low rake, they also boast a high number of players on all limits, great promotions and a fantastic rakeback deal.

Recommendation MTT

Our recommendation here is clearly PartyPoker/Bwin and as well all gg network skins.

Of course, Party and Bwin have by far the best tournament offer on the market. Starting at the very small buy ins, up to the right high roller tournaments you find here really all you need. Also different types of tournaments!

The gg network also offers a lot of attractive tournaments, even if you can not compare the offer now with Party/Bwin. Anyway they do a lot to create a better mtt schedule and to improve all. a big plus is that that tournaments at gg are more fishy, comperable with party/bwin.

Recommendation Sit&Go and Spin&Go tournaments

Most rooms have similar offers for Sit and Go games. Depending on the format, buy in, and speed, sites take between 5-10%.We recommend Party/Bwin because you pay here only 5-6% fees at all SNG tournaments.

The spin&go/jackpot tournaments have taken the poker world by storm. No other variant attracts as many hobby players as the Spin & Go tournaments. These tournaments are played in Super Turbo format and have between 5-8% rake.

The chico network stands out because of the super low rake. Unfortunately the traffic is super low and only on the micro limits you can find a bit action.

For all players we recommend definitely our partner sites from the gg poker network (ggpoker/bestpoker and natural8) or partypoker/bwin/coralpoker. The rake/fees are acceptable, you will find 24/7 action at all limits and some extra promotions especially for spin & go players make all even more interesting. Together with the YourPokerDream Rakeback Deals a fantastic choice.

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