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The tax office is always the winner

The main event has just come to an end and over $ 27 million has been distributed to the players alone at the final table. As great as it looks at first sight we should  always remember that depending on the country, the tax office still receives a decent share of the profit.

The first six players all come from the US, where the percentage of tax revenue is actually the same, with some small differences from state to state. Alex Lynskey is Australian, Artem Metalidi comes from the Ukraine and Antoine Labat is French.

Let’s start with the new world champion John Cynn. After deducting taxes from his 8.8 million profit, he is only allowed to take home arround 5 million. Very unlucky is Alex Lynskey who lives in Australia. Gambling winnings of amateurs are not taxed in Down Under. However, he is registered as a professional and therefore has to pay taxes properly.

See for yourself what’s left to the players of  the Final Table 2018 after deducting taxes.

Position Player Winnings After Tax
1. John Cynn $8.800.000 $4.939.817
2. Tony Miles $5.000.000 $3.060.659
3. Michael Dyer $3.750.000 $2.300.725
4. Nicolas Manion $2.825.000 $1.607.677
5. Joe Cada $2.150.000 $1.277.365
6. Aram Zobian $1.800.000 $1.078.179
7. Alex Lynskey $1.500.000 $833.704
8. Artem Metalidi $1.250.000 $1.006.250
9. Antoine Labat $1.000.000 $567.426

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