Silently and slowly 888Poker is passed backwards

Even though 888Poker is no longer a partner room for YourPokerDream, we still want to write a short news. As all of you know, we only had a short cooperation with 888Poker and had to quit it because of different reason.

Surely, 888 is still a big name in the industry and still works with many of the leading affiliates, but if you look at the evolution of the last few months, you’ll see that it’s going downstep by step. This is very clear to recognize on poker scout. As far as global cash game traffic is concerned, 888Poker is only at the 7th place at the moment. Considering that for years 888 were clearly the number 2 behind PokerStars and now fall within a few months down to 7, so you can probably indeed speak of a disaster.

The reasons are the following:

Customer Support – 888 support is an absolute catastrophe known to the scene for years, and the term “unprofessional” is more than true here.
Software – The software is not the worst on the market, but also not the best and has not really evolved for years.
Rakeback – The word rakeback actually does not exist on 888Poker and this is a big minus especially for grinder.
Cooperation with Affiliates – 888 is not really interested in working with affiliates and does not offer them great opportunities and deals. Therefore, nobody is interested in promoting the 888 brand.

If you look at the overall picture and developments at, for example, PartyPoker/Bwin or BreakoutPoker from the GGPoker network, then it’s completely understandable why these are the sites who stand behind PokerStars and continue to evolve. There are very few arguments left why you should play at 888Poker.

If you are looking for a good online poker provider, we advise against 888Poker and recommend one of the many other good sites. You can believe us that you will have more fun there and also make more profit through rakeback etc.

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