How to win freeroll tournaments

Have you joined various freerolls and left the table disappointed and with no profit? Are you still trying to figure out how to win our exclusive PartyPoker and BestPoker freerolls available for our members or any other to boost your bankroll? Then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the freeroll strategy that works, and figure out the most profitable ways of playing freerolls in 2020.

Are freeroll tournaments different from other poker tournaments?

Freerolls differ from any kind of poker tournaments starting with the strategy and the game itself. The explanation of it is out in the open – participation in such tournaments is free and freeroll players don`t risk their own money. In other words, they have nothing to lose, which means that the behavior of your opponents will not be easy to predict.

Easy money or a source of disappointment?

Freerolls are often referred to as “bankroll-busters” and exclusive tournaments for “beginners”. They are presented as a great and simple way to grab easy money, however, is it so? Sometimes, freerolls can become a source of disappointment and prompt the sequent stories about the bad beats.

You might have heard or read dozens of times about freeroll “good old” strategies such as “all-in”, “ABC poker strategy” or “bluff” but all of them don`t work!

Why traditional poker strategies don`t work with freerolls?

Do you know why? 9 of your opponents at your poker table right now:

  • 3 don’t know how to play
  • 3 play in all freerolls they can find
  • 2 don`t care about the strategy and all that they do at the poker table

If you decide to play the freeroll, forget about the common wisdom.

The Freeroll Strategy That Works

As we have already discovered, all traditional strategies do not work. In the majority of cases, we face frivolous and bad players while playing freerolls, but we can have an advantage from that fact.

There are a few useful tips designed to help you:

A lot of limp

You will not find this tip in any strategy articles. Any hand which you will raise from an early position is likely to face an all-in, even at the 1st blind level.

You might raise with your AK and JJ +, but at least 2 players will always play in front of you. Check it up with the odds calculator to see your equity against two random hands and realize that your chances are not as good as you might think.

On the contrary, it is better to limp with promising hands and play the flop. The better your position, the more hands you can limp.

If you flopped in two pairs on the flop, push. If on the flop you hit the set, push. There will always be someone who calls with a top pair or even with over-cards such as AQ.

Call the top of the top

However, you should not play good hands too aggressively. You should always call with something like AK on a board like AT953.

Sometimes, you might be faced with 95 or even 42, but much more often with AQ, AJ, KK, QQ, JJ, or even with a second pair. In most cases, the top pair and top kicker will be the best hands.

Push with your monsters

If you have pocket jacks or higher combinations – do not slow play. Do not try to set a trap; don’t be smart.

Just push all-in and wait. The worse hands will call. Although, sometimes, they will win (because you will never have 100% equity at pre-flop). In many cases, you will be able to build up a large stack in the early stages.

It means that the overall constant all-in and loose-passive play should become the basis of your strategy.

Get back to ABC Poker

When you move on to the deeper stages of freerolls, you can again apply the ABC poker strategy, since all the fish will fly out of the tournament. If you get to the final table, then you will need a bit of luck, as at any other final table.

Follow these rules and you will get rid of many disappointments. But if you want to play real poker you need to invest real money.

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