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· Published 11.06.2020 · last updated 11.06.2020

In the fight against fraud, bots, account sharing, and ghosting, many providers look for ways to ensure clean and fair tables

The future of online poker is likely to change a lot in the next few years and will make the game at the tables fairer. At the moment, lots of poker sites are doing a lot to keep the tables clean.

The technology to ensure a clean and fair table has been adopted by lots of poker sites today. When it comes to bots and account sharing, big names like the ggpoker network, PartyPoker / Bwin or Unibet are on the ball and if a bot somehow cheats on the tables, luck doesn’t last very long for the fraudster. As already mentioned, the technology used by these providers is versatile enough to recognize certain irregularities quickly. This also applies to account sharing, where players share an account to gain better positions in poker races. partyPoker, in particular, has dealt with such problems very strongly in the past few months due to the fact that some players tried to outsmart them. partypoker blocked some accounts owned by fraudulent players and bypassed it completely.

Unfortunately, there are still some providers in the market that still approve bots and account sharing and do too little to keep the tables clean and fair. Examples include the iPoker network and the Winning Poker (WPN) network. That doesn’t mean they don’t do anything about it, it’s just too little.

Real names at the tables and log-in with facial recognition could be the future of online poker

Recently, we reported that GGPoker now wants to display real names instead of the nicknames on the VIP high roller tables. That’s not so unusual indeed, and partypoker has also done this at some offline events that were held online due to the corona pandemic. For the time being, this only affects special events and the high-roller tables at GGPoker, but it would be quite possible that something like this will also prevail on the normal tables in a few years. Many hide behind the cloak of anonymity and if a real name suddenly appeared at the table, some people would probably think twice before trying to defraud somehow.

Face recognition when logging into a poker client was addressed some time ago by Rob Young at partypoker and GGPoker; he is currently considering the introduction of this technique. As far as technology is concerned, GGPoker is also in a super modern state and has built-in functions that all other providers do not have. It wouldn’t be surprising if GGPoker is the first provider to introduce log-in using facial recognition.

A face scanner – when logging in –  is indeed something that can provide more security at the tables, so we are firmly convinced that this will come someday and will become the standard for popular poker providers in the scene in a few years.

Poker providers that do most to keep the tables clean

When it comes to security, we have to say very clearly that there are currently only four providers that put lots of efforts to keep the tables clean and to react to any irregularities as quickly as possible.

partypoker / Bwin, the GGPoker network, PokerStars and Unibet are definitely among the providers that provide transparency and clean tables for poker players. PartyPoker network is highly appreciated because they are transparent and inform the community. GGPoker also are transparent and keep their poker tables clean, but it happens in the background and the community doesn’t notice that much. We know of course a bit more and we are in constant contact with our partners and unfortunately, there are also players from our community who decide to take the unfair route and are blocked.

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