Das Spiel wird immer schneller

The formats are getting faster and slower

It’s not a secret that online poker has changed a lot in recent years. But it’s not just about new formats or strategic aspects, it’s more about the speed of the games. It started with a reduction in the number of players per table.

The good old tables with 9 players (9Max) are practically extinct. In the meantime, almost everything has focused on 6max tables. Fewer players automatically mean more action and no long waiting times, which is generally well-received.

Fast cash game and sit & go formats

In recent years, faster formats have been gradually introduced. Let’s just start with the normal cash game. Of course, there are still normal tables, but now the Fast Fold Poker tables are becoming more and more popular. As far as the poker rules go, everything works the same way as on normal Texas Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha tables, with the difference that you are in a large player pool and are immediately moved to another table as soon as you have folded your hand. You don’t have to wait until all other players have reacted. Put the hand down and go straight to the next one and the fun continues.

In the meantime, there are also very special promotions at many providers that target these Fast Fold Cash Game tables. A Fast Fold Poker variant is now part of the portfolio of every poker room.

The same applies to the Sit & Go tournaments. Over the years, blind levels became faster and faster. In the past, there was a lot of action at the 9 max tables and the blinds were increased every 5-10 minutes. Today there are almost only 6max turbo format SNG tables where the blinds are increased every 3-4 minutes. SNG tournaments themselves have almost become extinct anyway since the Spin & Go Jackpot SNG was launched. These are SNG tournaments with 3 players, which are held in super turbo format, which means that the blinds are increased every 1-2 minutes. This superfast format and the chance to win thousands of edollars or become a millionaire within minutes attracts the masses.

The faster the game, the more rake is generated

It is no secret that the private rooms benefit from it. The faster the games, the more rake is generated, which of course is one more reason why such formats are promoted by the providers to increase their own income. Of course, more rake in a short time also means more rakeback for the player.

For us, as an affiliate, this is,of course a plus if the player generates more rake.


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