Changes to the Fish Buffet Rakeback program of the GG Poker (GG) Network on September 9th, 2020

The GG Network changes the in-house Fish Buffet rakeback system, which of course affects all skins of the network, as every skin automatically participates in it. The changes will come into effect for GGPoker and all other skins on the network on September 79h.

Understanding the fish buffet has always been a thing in itself and not really understandable. The reason for this is obvious, as it was always advertised with 50% average rakeback from the fish buffet if a player has the highest VIP status. As everyone knows, there are different prices at the Fish Buffet and to make it easy, let’s just take the highest VIP status (Shark). If you have this, you should receive an average of 50% rakeback, but it does not mean that you as a player actually receive 50% of the rake actually paid.

Now GG increases the Fish Buffet and players can receive up to 60% Rakeback/Cashback.

The PVI is the decisive factor in the fish buffet

A player can have a PVI between 0 and 2 and this will depend on how much rake is counted and how quickly you collect points for the fish buffet.

On average, players will be rewarded 100 Fish Buffet points for every $1 paid in rake and fees. This value may vary based on a variety of factors, such as but not limited to, game type or tournament played, player behavior at tables, and deposit history.

Of course, as before, this is a statement with which one cannot really do much. So you’re just as hanging in the air as before.

What is changing now at the fish buffet?

As before, there are different rankings from plankton to shark. As far as that goes, nothing really has changed. What has changed are the fish buffet points, which you need for a certain status, as well as for every limit to spin the wheel. Instead of 50% at the top, there is now even 60% cashback for players through the fish buffet!

The levels of expected cashback / rakeback have also been slightly adjusted and changed.

Fish Buffet Level

Fish Buffet Level

Probabilities of the individual fish buffet limits

Extreme adjustments have been made here in terms of levels and cash prizes. The maximum price has remained the same on the respective levels, but the prices behind it have been adjusted in terms of amount and the probabilities have also been changed for all prices.

Fish Buffet Wahrscheinlichkeiten

Black Ranks

What is new, however are the Black Ranks, with which you no longer have to turn the fish buffet wheel. Receive rewards every week at a fixed rate – No more spins and time limits. Black ranks are maintained for a year and requires certain points for renewal

Black Shark Ranks

You can switch to a Black Rank of a lower status. You must be at least a Shrimp to become a Black Rank

All Octopus, Crab, Shrimps can switch to Black Fish. All Whales can switch to Black Octopus and all Sharks can switch to Black Whale

Collect all required points within the time limit at Diamond Shark and become a Black Shark

Can I switch back to Fish Buffet after becoming a Black Rank?

You can always switch back to a Bronze Fish Buffet rank to continue your climb for higher ranks

  • A Black Fish can switch to Bronze Shrimp

  • A Black Octopus can switch to Bronze Whale

  • A Black Whale can switch to Bronze Shark

YourPokerDream’s comment on the adjustments to the Fish Buffet

Difficult to say, but not that much has changed at first glance. The basic idea has remained the same and the PVI continues to play a major role. The idea with the Black Ranks is a good thing and it gives players a fixed percentage back every week. It’s definitely a lot nicer than turning the wheel.

Well, you have to generate a bit of rake in order to get the status Black Shark or Black Whale. But it is also justified since this is of course status for absolute frequent players and high rollers.

What GG wants to make clear to us with the changes is that you want to keep the players at the tables and you have to accelerate. You can see that very clearly in the introduction of the Black Sharks and of course in the different levels and cash prices. A player must now earn a lot more points than before in order to get a spin on the Fish Buffet wheel. This is exactly why you want to motivate the players to go to the Black Sharks in order to receive a fixed percentage of cashback every week.

In short: the changes are acceptable and definitely interesting, especially for regular players who will have now more cashback from the fish buffet and reach up to 60%. For players who aren’t that active, the changes aren’t really an improvement but also not worse. The black rankings are also for players interesting who does not generate that much rake and give everybody the possibility to get weekly cashback.

For the player pool itself, the adjustments are certainly an advantage, as everyone inevitably has to stay longer at the tables if they want to achieve a certain status or move up within the limits.

If you don’t pull it off, you lose a lot of rakeback!

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Players must meet the age requirement of 18 years or older to participate in this promotion.

  2. The promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of the site.

  3. GGNetwork reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time.

  4. GGNetwork reserves the right to investigate any players that fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity.

  5. Fish Buffet is a permanent promotion.

  6. Players must earn the required amount of Fish Points within a given time limit to unlock that level.

  7. Upon unlocking a level, players can spin a wheel to win various cash rewards. Cash rewards are awarded immediately after the spin lands on a cash prize.

  8. Any remaining Fish Points after unlocking a level will be credited towards the next level.

  9. The default starting level is Plankton, with six higher statuses to achieve: Fish, Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, Whale and Shark.

  10.  If a player does not meet the Fish Points requirement within the time limit, then the player will be demoted to the previous level.

  11.  Should a player earn Fish Buffet points but fail to accumulate the points required to unlock or maintain a level by the end of any given qualification period, that player will receive 10% of the cash value of the points accumulated towards the level at that time. Any points earned during an unsuccessful qualification period are disregarded for the purposes of calculating any subsequent level changes.

  12. In tournaments with overlay, FP will be generated less in correlation with the overlay amount.

GGNetwork standard rules apply.

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