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Changes in the Fish Buffet Rakeback Program of the GG Poker (GG) Network

The GG Network is changing the in-house Fish Buffet Rakeback System, which of course affects all the skins of the network as each operator automatically participates in it. Now it’s nothing really new that GG changes something, because they do it every month. And with every month, we definitely mean every month! As usual, the problem is simply transparency and information policy. Unfortunately, the reality is that as a player and even we as a big affiliate, we get very little information and have to struggle with every change and this month for month.

How big this chaos is and how bad the communication, the fact shows that the information we give you, is so far nowhere published. We have often talked about it and made our point clear. The GG network is really a great network and for players of all kinds a great place to play poker and we also like to promote GG. But the lack of transparency and the many changes every month, mostly without any official info, are just poor.

Understanding the fish buffet has always been a matter of itself and was never really understandable. The reason for this is obvious, it was always advertised with 50% average rakeback from the Fish Buffet, if a player has the highest VIP status. As everyone knows, there are different prices at the Fish Buffet and to make it easy lest talk about the highest VIP status (Shark). If you have this status, you should get an average of 50% rakeback, so it was promoted by GG all the time. Funny is that all normal winning player, could never actually reach this 50% and usually had 25-40% average. Can not be that this is the same for 90% of the players, if the fish buffet is with 50% on average is advertised.

Why this was so, we know only since 24h because there was never any official information on that matter and only at Natural8 there was a kind of info. But also this information was not really helpful and could mean everything.

Each respective prize is subject to changes based on your profile, and therefore, some of the factors that may impact prizes are, but not limited to, player behavior, game type, gameplay style, net deposits and social engagements.

What should one do with the statement? Meanwhile, it has been officially confirmed that the secret and cofusing is because of the PVI. Yes, we have often talked about this topic and so far we thought that the PVI for the most part only affects the poker room and the affiliates. However, it has now been confirmed that it also affects all winning players, because a  low PVI, has had an impact on the fish buffet spins in the past. It is bad enough that there is such a calculation of the rake, then you could have  at least so little respect and write that at the fish buffet, so that every player knows what to expect. Even if it is annoying as far as the PVI issue is concerned, it is more about the fact that players have the feeling, that everything is hidden and not transparent at all. Why? Because it is a fact! Many players do not even know that the PVI exists and what it means, as there is actually no information on the pages of the GG skins informing the player about it. And that’s exactly the problem! Is it really too much to ask for clarity and  that everything is communicated clearly and understandable?

One of our players recently received the following response from the Natural8 Support when he asked how it is possible that he constantly hits only 10-25% rakeback from the Fish Buffet if he should have arround 50% and why his PVI is so low:

A player’s PVI won’t immediately shift from a few bad hands. The Fish Buffet rewards spin will also be based on your PVI rake. So far since October 2019, you have receive a total of $2,646.50 in Fish Buffet Rewards and your PVI rake for that period is $5,569.64. Your expected cashback so far is approximately 47.5%.

The PVI system is in place to ensure that the distribution of Fish Buffet rewards can be spread out among all players. It is a measure to ensure a more balanced gaming environment.

We are speechless and don’t know what to say, because this information is new and we heard it the first time. Of course, everyone thought that it can not be so as it was promoted, but officially there was never any confirmation. Players talk about hiding information and cheating and honestly to see it from the players side it is understandable

What will change with the Fish Buffet?

Some players have already been informed via the newsletter along with the new promotion for the month of December, the changes after the software update, also about the adjustments in the fish buffet.

Original message from GG:

Some small changes coming up in the Fish Buffet rewards program that we think will benefit our loyal followers greatly. From Dec 2, every rewards spin you make will give you an equal shot of winning each of the prizes on the wheel. Previously, your chances of hitting any individual prize may have been impacted by your player profile and behavior etc… NO MORE! Equality rules!

On the first view this sounds not so bad, but also this message is not 100% understandable and does not explain the player 100% how everything is calculated. But at least there was again an official statement that the PVI etc had influence in the past on the fish buffet. 1-2 years ago this information would have been great…..

What is not explained is how the Fish Buffet Points are calculated from now on. But we will tell you:

Old calculation: $ 1,000 rake = 1000 * 100 points

New calculation: $ 1,000 rake – PVI = Rest Rake * 100 = points

Whether this is an improvement and brings more to the player, is in the stars and the time will show. Of course, there is still the big question how a player’s PVI will be calculated and that’s exactly what nobody gets an answer to. To be fair, it has to be said that iPoker and the Microgaming (MPN) network do not answer that as well, which does not make it any better.

Apart from that, the player does not know which PVI he has and we as an affiliate do not have this information either. Although there is no more clarity regarding the fish buffet, it still is not 100% transparent, as long as no one knows how the PVI of a player is calculated.

Whether it’s the GG network poker rooms, us affiliate, or the players, it so as it is and we all have to accept it. Overall, the GG network is still a network with many advantages and most importantly, very good traffic and lots of fish.

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