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· Published 12.02.2021 · last updated 15.02.2021

The KindredGroup wants to achieve a very special goal that would be unique in the industry in terms of gambling addiction

Unibet’s parent company has revealed the percentage of revenue from addicting gamblers and has set itself a very lofty goal for the future.

The company, which operates various poker, casino and sports betting products, has declared that it wants to achieve 0% income from problem gamblers on its own balance sheet by 2023.

Kindred is devoted to creating long-term sustainable growth and profitability by providing customers with a safe and entertaining gambling experience. To achieve this, we put great focus on understanding and promoting safer gambling, with the aim to prevent any harmful gambling on our platform. Our ambition is that zero per cent of the revenue from our platform is generated from harmful gambling by 2023.

To facilitate a fair, transparent and honest discussion, we have decided to openly report the share of revenue derived from high-risk customers. We will also share important milestones on our journey towards zero in 2023, so that we can contribute to a fact-based debate about a sustainable gambling industry and what is needed to protect those who suffer.

Last week they became the first gambling company in the industry to provide very official information on this topic and publish figures. It was reported that currently 4.31% of their own income can be traced back to high-risk players who would show signs of gambling addiction.

According to Kindred, around 90% of the player base is currently classified as low-risk and classified as social/casual players. The company’s goal is to further improve its own Player Safety – Early Detection System (PS-EDS) in order to protect players at risk of addiction and to detect signs of gambling addiction as early as possible.

In addition, they would like to increase the budget and invest more money in the further training of employees in dealing with gambling addiction of their own customers. In the future, various improvements are to be integrated to protect the players, such as certain deposit limits and game bans after higher losses.

One of the most important ambitions we have set is to have zero revenue from harmful gambling by 2023. This is a tough ambition and it will require dedication, collaboration and focus within Kindred, but also across the industry and from regulators. We know that one of the challenges we face is to understand if a customer has a gambling disorder when he or she opens an account with one of our brands. Which is why we monitor a customer’s behaviour to determine if there are signs of harmful gambling, interact with customers who show signs of changed behaviours, and offer a range of tested control tools. We continuously invest in improving our behavioural monitoring system, the Player Safety – Early Detection System (PS-EDS), and in further educating our skilled player sustainability team.

To eliminate harmful gambling the industry also needs to share knowledge and learnings and collaborate with all relevant stakeholders in society. Kindred puts great focus on safe and sustainable customer behaviour as we see long-term value in customers who enjoy gambling. Sharing knowledge and learnings is also the purpose of the Sustainable Gambling Conference, the annual forum arranged by Kindred to engage in discussions with researchers, authorities and regulators across all markets.

The goal is definitely very ambitious, but the Kindred Group would like to do everything possible and together with science and former gambling addicts to achieve the goal it has set itself for 2023.

The revelation of the income by addicts endangered gamblers is something that no other provider in the gaming sector has gone before and underlines once again that the KindredGroup is taking a different path than many other providers and using a very different strategy. The goal of not generating any more income through high risk players by 2021 is certainly difficult or most probably impossible to achieve, but just trying to get there is very positive and throws good light on the company.

It remains to be seen whether other providers will also provide more detailed information on this topic and possibly reveal more precise figures on this topic.

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