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There’s fish out there – here’s where to find them

In the early days of online poker, it was hard to sit down at a table and not be surrounded by new, and often, horrible players. Poker has come a long way since then and with that the skill level of the average poker players has risen.

Many poker sites have plenty of daily regulars haunting the tables. While with the property strategy and experience these players can be profitable to play with, sitting down at a table full of fish makes for a much easier day.

These players still do exist but it often depend on the limit and type of game being played. A few sites stand out though with player pools full of fish. In this article, a few of these sites are covered more in depth. So if you are looking for plenty of recreational players and an overall easier games, you will be thrilled with the poker sites listed here. They may not have the name recognition of some of the more popular sites but they nevertheless are a great option for softer fields.

GG (Good Game) Network

The GGPoker Network is the home of most Asian poker players due to their willingness to accept players from most countries around the world. As the online home of the WSOP, plenty of casual players and fish are draw to the site. Being one of the few sites with a block on Heads-Up Displays and other utilities also levels the playing field.

Many players are not aware that the GG Network now has nearly the same number of players online as PokerStars. No matter whether you prefer to sit down at the cash tables for a few hands of Texas No Limit Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha or you’d rather try your hand at a multi-table tournament or some Fast-Fold poker, there are plenty of easy players at all limits or formats.

Better yet, where PokerStars doesn’t have a rakeback offer (or even a competitive rewards program), with GGPoker we offer a fantastic Rakeback deal, an excellent first deposit bonus and exciting monthly promotions to give you that extra motiviation to hit the tables. All players who sign up at any of our GG Network partner sites through YourPokerDream will  also have access to our exclusive in-house promotions such as the 25k Main Rake Race or our fantastic GGPoker VIP Rake Chase.

With plenty fish in the player pool, high rakeback with great promotions, as well as, modern and innovative software, GG Poker network is a top choice for softer games.

Our recommendation: Register at GGPoker with the bonus code: YPD and you will automatically receive our VIP deal and access to our exclusive $500 first-time depositor freeroll tournament!

600$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal

1.000$ Bonus/Up to 100% Rakeback


Unibet is one of the longest existing poker sites and used to be one of the largest skins on the Microgaming Network. It has been an independent site for few years now and while smaller than others, the player base is by far the softest for any European facing site. Like the GGPoker Network, heads-up displays and other real-time software programs are prohibited meaning many regular grinders avoid the site. Unibet also allows players the option to change their screenname regularly – helpful if you’re looking to get a fresh start on the tables.

Traffic on Unibet will be lower than some of the other big names sites but for low limit players or those trying out online poker for the first time, Unibet is great since you be facing off against plenty of fish.

While there rakeback offers may not be as strong as other poker sites, a €500 first-time deposit bonus will get you on your way. They also run plenty of promotions and other side offers to help players earn some bonus cash.

200€ Bonus/Up to 65% Rakeback

The Chico Network

The Chico Network is the second largest network for US players after the Winning Poker Network. Here players from all over the world are allowed to butt heads with American poker players. Most major poker sites do not allow players from the USA and those that do often have restricted player pools to residents of a specific state only.

Since US poker players are limited on where they play online, UK and European players tend to have a distinct advantage on the Chico Network due to their experience against tougher playing fields. American poker players are known to be gamblers and the traffic here supports that with Pot Limit Omaha tables have nearly as many players as those playing Texas Hold’em. While the traffic may be less than other sites, the fish outnumber the sharks on this site significantly so there’s plenty of opportunity.

Rakeback offers are not as good as on the GGPoker Network; however, the softer playing field will make up for it and by registering with one of the Chico Network skins through YourPokerDream, players take part in our 25k Main Rake Race.

1.000$ Bonus/US Players Welcome

1.000$ Bonus/US Players Welcome

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