DDoS attack PokerStars

Hard DDoS attack against PokerStars

The industry leader PokerStars is once again heavily criticized. The reason for this is the paid compensation to the affected players after various DDoS attacks on Sunday and the beginning of the week. For whatever reason, some players have received more compensation than the 1 prize would have worth, which understandably puts the poker community in shock.

According to PokerStars, DDoS attacks are not over yet and there are still a lot of requests for PokerStars servers. But they work on it and assume that you have the attacks under control shortly.

The cancellation of the tournament came too late

On Sunday arround 22:00 CET, players from all countries, except Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, started to disconnect from the PokerStars server for a major DDOS attack. That was not enough for PokerStars to stop the tournament.

The bosses considered it fair to allow players from the remaining four countries to steal all the chips for almost 1h. Only then the management decided to stop all tournaments.

The late cancelation of the tournaments causes unfair payouts

After 1h the management decided finally that the tournaments will be canceled and that the refunds will be handled according to the normal guidelines. And this is where the problem starts.

This policy governs the distribution of the prize money of a tournament, depending on how many chips a player has. Which is completely fair under normal circumstances. However, in this case it is a completely different situation, as players who came mainly from Romania and Belgium, steal the chips from all other players for almost 1 hour, which of course led to huge payouts due to the large chip stacks. Sometimes more than getting the first place before the start!

There is no official statement from PokerStars yet about why the tournaments continued so long and were not stopped immediately.

PokerStars tournament cancelation

PokerStars tournament cancelation

PokerStars tournament cancelation

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