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· Published 28.09.2019 · last updated 28.09.2019


These tips will help you to play poker online and avoid the mistakes that beginners do

The times when the poker game was considered as a pure gambling game are over. Today, professional poker players are successful, and celebrities have proved to the world that poker is a game of skill. If you are considering joining the world poker players’ community and play poker online the following tips will help you to start your way with the right foot.

Tip # 1: Choose a right poker room to play poker online

It might sound too simple, but choosing the right poker room to play poker online is the first and the most vital step you make in defining your potential success at the tables. The right poker room, where you are going to play poker online, may support both the beginning player or shoot down all your efforts and potential. Nevertheless, here is a detailed article on how to find a good poker room that will suit your needs:“Find your poker room”.

Tip # 2: Rackeback deal

ideaA Rakeback deal is an important criterion you need to play poker online. It is essential to know that a good rakeback is vital for both beginners and professionals. It helps you to stay afloat during the downswings and significantly increases your profit. There are two ways to get a profitable one: search for a high Rakeback provided by the poker room or to play under the poker affiliate. While the poker room loyalty program may change or differ from the amount of rake you generate, the last option provides you a more stable and, what is the most important, a fixed amount of your Rakeback.

For instance, if you play online poker through YourPokerDream, you will get a special Rakeback deal with the fixed percent of the Rakeback you get every month.

To get our special Rakeback deal, please contact our support team.

Tip # 3 Set your mind

This tip is an essential topic for every poker player. Thinking like a real poker player is a core skill for both LIVE players and those who play poker online. Many players believe that only their strategy and skills come first at the tables. Anyone who thinks this way is entirely wrong. A good poker player is made up of 50% Mindset and 50% Strategy and Skill together. Many professionals acknowledge that the mindset and psychological aspects are even more critical for the game.

To find out how to deal with a downswing and bad beats, take a look at this article: “Psychology/Mindset section”.

Don`t ignore your mindset if you are an ambitious poker player. The right mindset gives you real power and control over your opponents.

Tip # 4 Successful poker player is an eternal student


To play poker online, you need to be serious about the constant development and how professionals grow. As mentioned earlier, a poker player is a student no matter how old he/she is; lots of poker pros have confirmed this assertion in their numerous interviews.

These are some of the ways to study online poker:

  • watch training videos of seasoned professionals
  • read blogs on your favorite poker site
  • analyze your own game with the help of special technical tools

There will be times when you need profound knowledge in the various aspects of poker. A structured startling book can help you to systemize your knowledge. Additionally, a good book under your belt will become your ace in the hole while playing poker online. If you are interested in worthful poker books to read, please check out article ‘’Top Five Best Poker Books Every Ambitious Player Should Read”.

Tip # 5 Be ahead of the curve

To play poker online and make a good profit, you need to be on the top of the latest changes of the poker industry. Knowledge and awareness of the changes in poker will help you get updated about the main tendencies that will increase your profit.

For example, the latest trends in the poker industry are Asian poker sites, especially their three major skins:

2.000€ Bonus/35% Flat Rakeback

1.000$ Bonus/25k YPD Rake Race

600$ Bonus/6.000$ YPD Freerolls

They abruptly did burst into the poker industry and still gaining popularity among both hobby players and poker pros. To find out more about this new poker trend and reasons for such high popularity you can read our article “Asian Networks: Real Profit Or Just a New Poker Trend?”.

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