· Published 04.08.2021 · last updated 15.08.2021

A simple request that is no problem for any online poker room becomes a problem at Unibet

Given the problems we’ve had in the past with Unibet, nothing should surprise us any more. Unibet and the KindredGroup are certainly well-known names in online gaming, to the point that we would naturally expect total transparency. But, sadly, that seems not to be the case at Unibet!

It’s important to make it clear that we absolutely don’t want to give the impression that Unibet is a poor poker room! Indeed, we haven’t received any complaints from players thus far and, as far as this is concerned, everything seems to be going well. However, with many online poker rooms, any problems tend to lurk in the background, and any negative issues go under the radar when it comes to players’ awareness of what might be going on.

But we have been in business for a very long time, and have seen things that you’d be forgiven for thinking should never happen.  Nothing is impossible in our industry, and players would be more than surprised at how many mistakes we have discovered and how much money we would have lost if we did not always check everything carefully. Due to our experiences in the past we have got used to checking the stats of our partners every now and then to see whether our commission is calculated correctly, whether all players are tracked, and so on. And this is also the case with Unibet.

We have now spoken to a player who we have known for a long time; we can trust his information. He informed us about his rake and what he received from the VIP system and Welcome Bonus. We then checked these numbers to see whether this information tallies with the Net Gaming (Netrake) that we see in our affiliate account. If it reasonably fits with our numbers, then we know that everything is okay, but if there are major differences we always ask for the sake of security whether everything is in order. Amazingly, when we send such a request, 95% of the time something is wrong, or something has changed that was not made known to us.

As a rule, almost all online poker rooms show us quite detailed stats, which enables us to quickly determine for ourselves whether or not the numbers add up properly. Unibet, on the other hand, is not so transparent about player stats, although this is partly due to the tool used for affiliates, so they cannot be blamed here. There are other poker rooms that also display very few stats. However, a brief request is sufficient, and 30-60 minutes later we have a detailed breakdown of how the NetGaming comes about.

The calculations look like this:

$1,000 rake – $200 VIP system – $100 transaction fees – $200 Welcome Bonus – $200 Summer Promotion = $300 net gaming

If the numbers match what the player tells us, perhaps forgetting the $200 from the Summer Promotion, then everything is clear and the matter is settled. If the player tells us, for example, he has $1,500 in rake instead of $1,000, then it’s clear that something is wrong.

Note, of course, that this is only a rough example that we’re using to demonstrate how something works and what the background is. As mentioned earlier, each poker room will provide us with this information upon request to ensure that everything is calculated correctly.

Unibet supplied the following answer to our request:

We are not able to share our deductions as these can be different from one player to another and can depend on the country they are coming from, if any license deduction apply, what product and provider they play with, any bonuses/rakes/premiums they receive, any deposit fees, other types of fees etc

If the player is concerned over their activity, please have them contact our Customer Support team and they will be more than happy to provide support.

Yes, that’s an answer, but we’re already perfectly aware of the process and, unfortunately, it fails to address the specific problem experienced by the player. When we responded saying that we are concerned only with the player, simply to ensure that everything is calculated correctly, we heard nothing more from them.

Perhaps all calculations are correct, and there are deductions from promotions, for example, that we and the player do not even know of, or that have been overlook. That is possible, of course, but the point is how are we supposed to know, were Unibet at fault in some way, if we are not provided even with the quite basic information that would allow us to clarify the matter within a few minutes? There’s a danger here that, by not accommodating us, Unibet will invite confusion, speculation and subsequent questions such as are they trying to hide something. Transparency is commonplace in order to avoid such potential problems and the potential lack of confidence it they create.

We believe that this latest matter once again confirms why we would never promote Unibet as a premium partner, regardless of it of course being a good online poker room, and with numerous advantages for players. We simply happen to expect nothing but total transparency from our partners, which we believe is completely normal and justified.


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