Christmas is slowly coming, and with that, the end of the year. This can only mean one thing. Poker rooms are going to announce more and more exciting tournaments and promotions for the last month of 2021. Unibet Poker is the first poker room to announce its promotions for December 2021. The poker room is going to hold a €600,000 GTD Unibet Online Series XIV. On top of that, there will be a classic €62,500 Loyalty Points Race, as well as three different Christmas events with random prizes. Read on to find out more about these tournaments promotions. 

Loyalty Points Race

Unibet Poker has decided to introduce several reforms to their usual rake races. For example, now there are going to be three different rake races every quarter. Additionally, one of these rake races is going to be private and open only for the players connected to a certain affiliate. However, the first rake race in the global format (available for everybody) is going to kick off next week on November 29th and will be running all the way until January 2nd, 2022. The Loyalty Points Race is going to have five stages (each stage runs weekly) and will feature a solid prize pool of €62,500. Each stage is going to run from Monday to Sunday (CET). 

While most people are familiar with the classic rake race format on the Unibet Poker, the new format can be a little bit confusing. Therefore, in order to clarify this situation, let’s compare the new Loyalty Points Race with the Autumn Flop Race. The main difference is that scoring is going to be volume-based (rake). The number of loyalty points is going to be acquired according to the plan where 1 XP equals €0.01 in rake. Another difference is that now rake counts across all games and stakes. And finally, there is going to be a unified single leaderboard for all of the stakes and cash games variants. 

Here is the full structure of the Loyalty Points Race:

1€ 1.000
2€ 750
3€ 550
4€ 400
5€ 350
6€ 325
7€ 300
8€ 275
9€ 250
10€ 225
11€ 215
12-14€ 200
15-19€ 175
20-24€ 150
25-29€ 125
30-39€ 100
40-49€ 90
50-59€ 80
60-69€ 70
70-80€ 60
81-90€ 50
91-100€ 45

Please note that all of the winnings are paid by next week Tuesday, 23:00.

December Missions on Unibet Poker

If you are more of a casual poker player, then Unibet got something for you as well. Those who don’t want to grind rake can participate in the December Missions which will be running from December 1st to December 31st. 

The first promotion is the 31 Days of Christmas. In this promo, players will have to complete small daily missions with prizes in the forms of tickets, loyalty points, tournaments tickets, and cash. 

Another promotion is the Santa boost, where players can win random prizes at the Hexa Pro tables. 

And finally, there are going to be the Santa Flips. This is a special mini-game where you can win coins from Santa and win tournament tickets for generating a certain amount of rake and logging into your account. 

Unibet Poker Online Series XIV

The UOS XIV is here and there’s €600,000 in guaranteed cash to be won across 105 different events. The Unibet Online Series XIV is going to run from November 28th to December 12th. The buy-ins are going to range from €0.25 all the way up to €1,100, therefore there is an event for every player. The Main Event is going to have a €125,000 guaranteed prize pool. 

On top of that, there are going to be an additional €21,000 up for grabs as part of the leaderboard prizes. Leaderboard winner will also have a chance to take part in an exclusive Sit N Go event against three members of the Unibet Poker ambassadors team. Plus, everyone is guaranteed a prize. The prizes are going to be in a form of the following tournament tickets: 

1st 2x €250 Supermoon ticket

2nd 1x €250 MTT ticket

3rd 2x €100 MTT ticket

4th-5th: €100 MTT ticket

6th – 7th: €50 MTT ticket

There are going to be five different leaderboards: Nano, Low, Mid, High, and Overall. Here is the structure of these leaderboards: 

OverallHigh: +€100Mid: €25 – €50Low: €5 – €10
1€ 2,000200 0001€ 80080 0001€ 60060 0001€ 25025 000
2€ 1,700170 0002€ 65065 0002€ 40040 0002€ 19019 000
3€ 1,400140 0003€ 50050 0003€ 25025 0003€ 14014 000
4€ 1,100110 0004€ 35035 0004€ 15015 0004€ 11011 000
5€ 80080 0005€ 25025 0005€ 10010 0005€ 909 000
6€ 60060 0006-10€ 15015 0006-10€ 808 0006€ 808 000
7€ 40040 00011-25€ 808 00011-20€ 606 0007€ 707 000
8€ 30030 000   21-40€ 505 0008-9€ 606 000
9€ 22022 000      10-13€ 505 000
10€ 15015 000      14-18€ 404 000
11€ 10010 000      19-24€ 303 000
12-13€ 707 000      25-31€ 202 000
14-15€ 505 000      32-39€ 151 500
16-20€ 404 000      40-50€ 101 000
21-28€ 303 000         
29-50€ 252 500         

Please also note that the total prize pool of the Nano leaderboard is going to be €1,000. This prize pool is going to be distributed equally among the qualified players. In order to qualify for the Nano leaderboard, players must have played at least 21 of all 30 Nano events. 

200€ Bonus/Up to 65% Rakeback

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