Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart in the GameOn series final

/Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart in the GameOn series final

Kevin Hart

PokerStars has announced the finale of its latest # GameOn series, continuing the poker-based feud between the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, and Hollywood comedian Kevin Hart. The final challenge in this phase of the series calls for basic athletic skills and poker skills from both opponents, as they face a 100-meter sprint and then a heads-up poker match.

Daniel Negreanu, the world’s most prolific live tournament poker player and member of the PokerStars Pro team, will once again join Bolt and Hart as a commentator, sharing his expertise and analysis. The stars will also be testing their poker skills since the campaign began in June 2017.

“Usain may be quick on the track, but I’ll be quick at the table and take his chips,” said Hart, one of the world’s most successful comedians and star of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

“The little funny man will not laugh much longer if I take all his chips at the poker table,” Bolt said.

In the nearly one-year competition, Hart and Bolt have tried to outdo each other by uploading videos for their 140 million or so social media followers. In the recent series, they have mastered a series of challenges to test the core skills of poker, including reading opponents, emotional control and bluffing.

The #GameOn competition underscores the variety of skills needed to be a good poker player, including stamina, street smarts, bluffing, strategic thinking and reading the opponent, “said Eric Hollreiser, vice president of corporate communications at The Stars Group “At the same time, Kevin and Usain are showing the tremendous fun and friendly social competition of poker.”

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