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VPN Service – A solution to access blocked sites


VPN Service für Poker Spieler

Nowadays VPN services have become an indispensable tool for almost every active user of the Internet. A VPN Service protect your privat datas and also your ip adress, so nobody is able to attack you. In our time such things happen unfortunately very often and still a lot of people do not care about internet security.

Most poker sites have been banned for a long time Russian providers and go to their pages directly is not possible. Many gaming clients are also do not work because of the inability to connect to the server. And so it is not only in russia. So if you are in a country where you can not access to a poker room, then just download a vpn client and your problem is solved,

That’s why VPN today is a «must have» tool for every poker player…

Here you find a overview about the best VPN Services.


The best VPN Services all over the world:

Nord VPN

($ 11.95 / Month),($69.00/Year),($99.95/2 Years)

Nord VPN offers a very good service and also the prices are really good. You can choose between 3 different packages, which have depend on the running time a very big discount. It makes really sense to choose the 1 year package, because you save so more as 50%. If you just want to test their service you can of course also choose a 1 month package. All packages have a 30 days money back gurantee.

Their homepage is available in 16 languages and every customer has access to a 24/7 Live Chat Support.

If you decide to choose a vpn package at Nord VPN you can use it at 6 different devices at the same time. There exist also a mobile version. No Logs are saved, that means every user enjoy the maximum of anonymity.  Nord VPN use high speed servers and offer many different countries.

Express VPN

Interesting is also that you have here the possibility to pay with Bitcoins.

($ 12.95/Month),($ 59.94 /6 Month),($ 80.04 / Year)

Express VPN offers super fast and high secured servers and also 94 different countries. Anonymity for all customer is also here a important topic.

Their site is very clear and available in 16 different languages. Additional there exist a 24/7 Live Support which is available over a live chat and also by email.

Also here you can enjoy a big discount if you choose a 6 month or 1 year package.

Pure VPN

($10.95/Month),($ 53.70/6 Month),($ 70.80/2 Year*Promotion)

Pure VPN is one of the biggest companies at the market and offer their clients more as 750 server in 141 countries. Nobody on the market offers so many different countries as Pure VPN.

In addition to very fast servers they have also a very high encoding.

Their site is available in 4 different languages and they have a 24/7 support.

IP Vanish

($12.99/Month),($ 26.99/3Month),($ 77.99/1 Year)

IP Vanish has more as 850 server in 60 different countries. They do not save any logs and offers with this the maximum anonymity. Their servers are one of fastest at the market.

You can use their service at 5 devices. Also a mobile version is available.

Unfortunately their service is only in the english language available. Also here you get as client a 24/7 costumer service.


($9.99/Month),($ 36.96/6Month),($ 59.88/1 Year)

Costumers can choose between more as 720 servers in 190 different countries.

If you make your decision for HydeMyAss you can use their service at so many devices you want and also at your mobile with their new mobile version.

The HydeMyAss site is available in 11 different languages and like usual there exist also a 24/7 Support.


Free VPN Services

A good and at the same time free VPN Service is impossible to find. And if you find some providers then their servers are very slow or you get maximum 1-2 access with many popups.

If you have more questions connected to the topic VPN Services, so do not hesitate to contact our support team. Many players of our community use the providers we have listed here. They never had any problems and are 100% satisfied.



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